8 Celebrities Who Have Been Locked Up

Tim Allen in terms of comedy of the 90s 2000s and 2010's Tim Allen is one that is consistent famous and beloved his sitcom home improvement was one of the biggest shows of the 90s being consistently number one on the writing charts then in the 2000s he did all kinds of movies from big ones Disney films like the Santa Clause and of course the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story and that was show last man standing has been going on for seven seasons and even got a resurrected after got axed by its original Network proving that Tim Allen's comedy is enduring no matter what which is good because Allen once served two years for trafficking illegal substances no for real he was picked up in front of an airport with an intense load of illegal substances and the only reason he didn't get more jail time than he did was because he gave up a few names of all the other people who were doing the same thing in exchange for less jail time he was supposed to get three to seven years but eventually he got out after two for parole he moved to Los Angeles to do stand-up comedy and his career took off from there though he's had some minor incidents with a loss since then mainly a DUI charge he's never been truly back to jail anything about that he's grateful for the arrest that came in 1978 long before the internet came around because had this happened now his career would have been more than likely over number 7 Lindsay Lohan okay this one may not be the most surprising in the world but you might actually be surprised with how little jail time Lizzie Lohan has spent in her life in fact it was actually a grand total of two weeks which is something you wouldn't expect given all the visible media that has been talked about in regards to her mental state low ends started out as a child star for Disney being in the modern remake of The Parent Trap as well as the Herbie movies and more she gained even more fame for her role in Mean Girls among others but as her stardom rose so did her stress levels and so she then turned to certain beverages and other substances as a way to get herself free from all that stress and sure enough it didn't work and she got into a lot of trouble but it wasn't until she disobeyed a court order in regards to rehab and classes that she with the jail and again it was only for two weeks but that still is jail time and it definitely affected her both for the better and worse bill Lohan has never truly recovered from everything that she's done she hasn't been back to jail just yet number six Mark Wahlberg the Wahlberg name is actually pretty famous because of the multiple members of the family Donnie Wahlberg is an actor with many notable credits including the role of Danny Reagan on the CBS had shown Blue Bloods but for most people in the world the name Wahlberg refers to Mark Wahlberg the singer turned movie actor then it's been a major lead in multiple action films and many more including the last main transformer film what most people don't know is that before his rise to fame in the music world as Marky Mark and then the acting world mark got into a lot of trouble for some very disturbing reasons bailing he was a racist miss early teen years he had some friends would actually seek out non-white people and call them various racial slurs and at times bought them one time in the course of about a day Mark Wahlberg beat up two vietnamese citizens one of whom he openly confessed to splitting his head open Wahlberg was then arrested and put into prison for 45 days this may seem like a light sentence but he also carried a felony on his permanent record one that he even tried to get a parole of later on his life well it's fair to say that Wahlberg has grown up a lot since then some feel that he'll never truly change he just acted better did I get in trouble and you know you can be the judge of that number five Martha Stewart depending on how old you are you'll either remember this vividly or you won't remember at all Martha Stewart was at one time one of the biggest hosts and TV personalities in all of television she didn't start out that way but through various business deals and corporate dealings she got two TV shows over the course of two decades and she became one of the main people that both men and women went to in order for cooking home advice decorations and so much more she just seemed to have an eye for it and a word carried a lot of weight but then she got a bit greedy and then she received some insider information which is a crime from her stockbroker they Stern stock she owns was going to tank so to save herself tens of thousands of dollars she sold it all and didn't lose a dime but the SCC who overlooked stock and market transactions caught her doing that and she was arrested but the trial and convicted of conspiracy obstruction of an agency proceeding and making false statements to federal investigators she was put in prison in 2004 and had to make a five-month stay in prison after she was released she tried to come back onto many aspects of her former life with mixed success probably because her prison sentence starter image number for Robert Downey jr. and I am Iron Man hey it's been weeks since then game premiered spoilers over totally legitimate anyway when it comes to Robbie Danny jr. it's easy to think of him solely as Tony Stark in Iron Man in the Avengers movies or as Sherlock Holmes in the guy reshef films or all the other various films he's been in since 2008 but the fact of the matter is and one time Downey jr. was one of the biggest black guys in the industry in terms of his conduct he started out as a member of the Brat Pack a group of young actors who were destined for greatness such as Molly Ringwald Emilio Steve and for a while he lived up to that reputation but after a while he fell into some really bad habits they got him into major trouble to law including getting him on probation which he broke in 1999 after failing to do a substance test because of his failure to do this house Downey jr. was sentenced to one year in jail when he fled from a detox center his rehab is stemming from several and weapons arrests but a judge sent him back a year later he skipped the court-ordered drug test and spent the next four months in the LA County Jail 1999 Downey skipped another drug test and was sent back to rehab but this time a judge gave Downey hard time state prison for nearly one year thankfully for all of us especially you Marvel fans Downey jr. was able to get his act together and thanks to the Iron Man films he became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and his legacy is now going to be one of redemption instead of a fall from grace I guess Tony Stark does get a happy ending after all number three Wesley Snipes at one point in time Wesley Snipes is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood really because he had the rein to do all kinds of films his most famous of which were classics like white men can't jump and the Blake trilogy which many accredits do the rise of superhero films as well as one of the first african-american let's superhero films sorry Black Panther fans and also fans of spawn I know you're out there and if it weren't for the one really dumb decision he likely would have been making movies for a lot longer so what did he do simple he didn't pay his taxes which we all know is something we should never to what the chance to I'm sure from a certain angle this doesn't seem like a bad thing especially since not paying taxes typically results in a fine but that's not what happened here it made some serious tax errors when he didn't file them and the IRS decided that his punishment should be to go to jail and that's exactly what he did that's what happens when you fail to pay in 17 million dollars in taxes no you did not hear that incorrectly he decided not to pay that amount and so he went to jail eventually he did get out of jail and he went back into acting but his first series back despite all the hype was a major bust and he hasn't been in anything significant since then despite the rumors saying he'll be back to jump into a superhero niche eventually there are rumors that he could get back into the blade role with Marvel but that's just a rumor and it's fair to say that his star will never be as bright as it was before that time when he didn't pay his taxes so let that be a lesson for you all hey your damn taxes number 2 Justin Bieber okay here's another one where you can't technically be surprised if they're on the list because there's that annoying and they obviously would have done something to get themselves in jail Justin Bieber's either the greatest singer in the world or the most annoying person in the world depending on who you talk to Bieber fever was a phenomenon of sorts and what had happened in the new millennium girls across the world flocked to stores to get his music and merchandise and such all that fame went to his head in a big way and not the least of which was that he took his fame and became a bit of a jerk including driving around at night when people were trying to sleep in just racing around and blasting music during one particular excursion it was arrested by police for a DUI and was sentenced for a day in jail for his crimes while he hasn't gone to jail since then there are many who hope that he does because to them he's just that annoying number 1 Paul McCartney when it comes to the world of music no group has made a bigger impact in the world than the Beatles these four boys from Liverpool made rock and roll something that was global and to this day their songs are played with all sorts of joy and reverence they are timeless and their story is one that will live on forever even though two of the members are now gone one of the remaining members is Paul McCartney who was the lead singer for the group and one of the main songwriters he was also one who got the biggest solo career after the much publicized breakup for the groom that solo career took him far but in 1980 it would have been too far and what he felt he could do he went to jail for 10 days for possession of an illegal substance yeah for real it's weird to think about that today given all the states in the United States and certain countries that actually allow this for certain purposes but in 1980 it was a big crime even for a star like McCartney still 10 days is something that most people can survive and McCartney did just that he got out of jail continued this career and hasn't looked back and to be honest I think he actually would have been very entertaining in prison giving his voice in reputation for having fun and she thinks gotten a little bit out of hand he could have just told the other inmates to let it be let it be and so there you have it a bunch of celebrities who put their necks out too far and got caught up so which of these celebrities were you the most surprised

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