10 STRONGEST Men In The World

strength is a quality sought after by people irrespective of their race nationality or geographical locations throughout the world at different times we have had different people who weathered the storm and displayed such magnitudes of strength that they could have easily been referred to as super people after the fictional hero Superman but are they really superhuman or have they only worked harder to be able to achieve the impossible these 10 strongest people have trained hard and defied the odds to carry out impossible feats and come out tagged as strongest number 10 JUCO Aloha two-time world Strongest Man three-time ifs a champion two-time Europe's strongest man these are just some of the records held by the finished strong man born on the 1st of December 1970 JUCO showed early interest in the realm of individual sports like karate and eventually powerlifting although giucose powerlifting career was sure it was fruitful getting him a silver medal at the IPF Junior World Championships in 1995 he won the first of two consecutive European Hercules competitions in his very first appearance in world Strongest Man Duke of Aloha went on to defeat his opponents in a very fierce competition his unassuming stature made him much of an underdog as at 6:1 JUCO Aloha was nearly half a foot shorter than the men he competed with and at 275 pounds he was the lightest champion ever number nine said RunAs Savickas six-time arnold strongest man winner three-time world's strongman champion four times World Team Championship winner the Jonas Savickas is a human metal box as he amassed all these and more in his time as a weightlifter one of the strongest men's of all time Sedonas Savickas popularly known as Big Z has crushed over 20 World Records all through his career from the time when he partook in his first strength competition at the age of 16 not many people have gotten the opportunity to triumph against him said RunAs has won over 13 World Championships and eight Arnold strongman classic tournaments this man has sure gotten a lot of wins as a very strong man number 8 Coulomb buyer by yamba Jeff Pullum buyer by Amba Jeff known professionally as by Amba is a sumo wrestler from Olin Betar Mongolia in 2006 and 2007 he emerged as a winner at the sumo World Championships he is about 6 foot 1 and weighs 350 pounds interestingly he has also participated in over 100 matches winning all gold medals in different locations like Japan Mongolia Thailand the u.s. Italy Germany and more he won in the 115 kilogram plus an overall category at the US Open Championship held in California in September 2009 although he has retired from Japanese professional sumo byamba still contends in global tournaments as a non-professional he has triumphed in about 4 World Championships and has taken over the US sumo open amassing a combined 104 and 5 record in 11 years with 10 men's heavyweight gold medals there is a common misconception that some people have about sumo wrestling and that is the fact that some believe it is just about the size of the wrestler strength is one of the major requirements that will earn you the title of strongest man number 7 Robert Oberst Robert Oberst and his signature beard ventured into a lot of things including a short-lived involvement with the NFL and working as a bouncer for a night club before he started his strongman career it is rumoured that Robert has the strongest shoulders in the world he is also the holder of the American record in the log lift at 6 foot 8 and 375 pounds Robert Oberst is a professional strongman known for his extraordinary appetite Robert tried out the amateur fun log contest on the advice of a friend and ended up breaking the amateur log press record on his first trial he went on to become a five-time World's Strongest Man competitor and 2-time World's Strongest Man finalist in 2013 he went unbeaten as the national champion in mas wrestling Robert Oberst has the impeccable mix of size muscle temperament and overall nature number 6 Magnus ver Magnusson the most outstanding characteristic of this strongman was his unexceptional built at 6-3 although he wasn't predominantly shredded muscular and he didn't have the demeanor of the regular strongman his first appearance at a heavyweight competition earned him the title of Iceland's Strongest Man even with this small frame Magnus was very proficient in terms of static strength and his outstanding speed he also had the ability to perfectly execute throughout his career he also won a huge number of titles as well over multiple times he was crowned Iceland's Strongest Man and Iceland's strongest Viking he also earned the european powerlifting championships and held several powerlifting records as a junior from pure power events such as the squat or deadlift two more patients based events Magnus had the capacity to win any kind of event he had the uncanny ability to access an event and come up with the easiest way to perform it although Magnus is presently in partial retirement he acts as a referee at major contests around the world in number 5 Leonid Turin anko Leonid Turin anko was leading in the heavyweight group early in his career he also has world European and Olympic titles under his belt he broke a world record in 1984 when he lifted 440 2.2 kilogram weights a feat that went unbeaten for a long time Terron anko moved on to win the super heavyweight world championship and was a european champion in 1991 and 1996 he also won the olympic super heavyweight silver with the world championships heavyweight bronze super heavyweight silver european championship super heavyweight and bronze locally turin Anka won the Soviet heavyweight titles the super heavyweight title while taking heavyweight bronze and super heavyweight bronze number for HUF Thor Julius bjornsen HOF Thor Julius born son is a professional strongman and actor he is popularly known as store which is the short version of his name an impressive feat at 30 years old Thor's the defending champion of the 2018 Tachi Palace world Strongest Man his six foot nine height and weight of 440 pounds makes him the tallest and heaviest of all the competitors for the world's strongest men he has under his belt the title of world's ultimate Strongest Man after he won a competition which took place in Dubai interestingly in April 2000 nineteen he became the fifth Europe Strongest Man and thus he has his nickname edged in history as one of the strongest men number three John Paul signor Sir John Paul begged the title of World's Strongest Man a whopping four times came second place on two occasions and placed third once the bodybuilder also won the title of world muscle-power champion five times in his formative years he toyed with gleamer a traditional Icelandic wrestling and moved on to play soccer swimming handball and middle-distance running early in his heavy lifting career he won the Scandinavian title in the world championship John Paul also won mister Iceland physique competitions it is widely rumored that his record of wins in global strongman competitions over a 10-year period since he begged the inter Scandinavian Viking strongman title may never be exceeded sadly he died tragically while doing heavy deadlifts in his gym in Iceland he was said to have died of an enormous heart attack number two Constantin John a Shia this 28 year old stands tall at six foot five and weighs 375 pounds John Ashiya holds the record as the first georgian athlete to ever reach the world Strongest Man final he got his nickname Georgian bull when he trained at Henry Skybus gym in 2015 and 2016 something very notable about this strong man is his notable inking on his chest he has a tattoo that reads Georgian bull and on his shoulder he has a tattoo that reads world's strongest men and those are two titles that you do not want to contest with him directly the georgian bull is a striking character and is known for his huge traps in 2013 he won the european arnold classic and he has been moving miles forward since then he is a familiar face at ultimate strongman events and he has taken part in the World Championships in Newcastle and the Viking apocalypse in Denmark formerly a rugby player Constantin developed a form of mobility from the sport evident in his way lifting performances his all-around demeanor and his charisma make him a joy to watch number one Devin Lara after polishing his six foot five inch physique through exhausting farm labor Lara did a bit of work in Ontario's oil fields where he learned the sufficient points of the sport and where he came to the knowledge that size and strength do not assure a win at the arm wrestling table he continued to contend improve his techniques and measure up the winds after we joined the Canadian military the world armwrestling champion an ex-special forces on a quest to catch some monster Goliath groupers using stand-up tackle the monster Goliath groupers can attain tremendously large sizes growing two lengths up to 2.5 meters or 8.2 feet and can weigh as much as 360 kilograms Devin Loran wrestled with the giant fish presumably one of the strongest fishes in the world after luring it with a bait the monster Goliath Grouper struggled for minutes after pulling the world arm wrestling champion overboard however Laurette showed who was the boss by successfully pulling it out

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