7 Celebrities Who Can’t Stand Each Other

celebrities who can't stand each other Hollywood is a place where many great celebrities are born but that doesn't mean that they all get along with one another in fact there are many cases of them not wanting to work with one another or even being in the same room as another one of them so be sure to LIKE the video and subscribe the channel number 7 Kanye West and drank often time when there's a feud that's so grand and so ferocious you can't help but wonder when and how did it all start it when it comes to the massive hate feud going on in the rap world right now between Kanye West and Drake and what really knows where it started which makes the feud even all the more confusing so let's rewind a bit okay this all started when Drake who is one of the biggest and most popular rappers in the world today was coming up in the industry by his own admission he city that Kanye West was one of his biggest inspirations mainly in that his music was what helped Drake discover his own flowing style and he openly and publicly thanked Kanye for being such a big help to him including doing some collaboration music with him once upon a time Kanye being Kenya though he suddenly turned on Drake and started dissing him not only in just in public but also in his tracks including spilling the beans that Drake at an illegitimate son which strike tonight at first but then openly admit it was true and that truly self drank the most of 2018 Drake fired back at Kanye West pretty hard and wild Kanye West fought back at first he then did a 180 and tried to work it out with drink but it wasn't interested then when he felt that things were starting to cool off between them Kanye exploded on the internet and reignited everything so long story short drink at first went to Kanye's ask for permission to use their collaboration song on a new album through a remix but instead of just saying no Kanye West went crazy dissing Drake and then went on the Twitter and did a three-hour long rant but Drake the world himself and much more to the extent that other celebrities couldn't help but chime in and either try and stop Kanye or support him for what he was saying oh and he also stated that Drake was not only threatening him but his entire family which no one believed except for Kanye so yeah that really happened and it's likely why this particular feud isn't going to end anytime soon number three Charlie Sheen and everyone in Hollywood okay okay yes Charlie Sheen does still occasionally get work in Hollywood which means that everyone doesn't hate him but in the course of a few years he ruffled a lot of feathers and that costume a great deal of many things including being an a-list status Hollywood actor Sheen was on cloud nine with the successful sitcom Two and a Half Men he wanted numerous seasons on the show garnered a lot of praise and was part of the number one comedy on air he literally had it all and then he decided to fall off the wagon in terms of substance abuse and it made him go all a bit loopy and the infamous tiger blood speech he proclaimed himself greater than everyone when he was released from the show he did all he could do the sabotaging including having his own celebrity roast beyond the night and time that the new season two and a Half Men was supposed to be debuting with his replacement Ashton Kutcher which he happily berated and abused during the roast in his own way so when the show was coming to an end many wondered if she would ever return they teased it but then pulled a 180 and openly mocked Sheen by dropping a piano on his character and the show creator Chuck Lorre going and winning though if you listen to the reviews about the series finale it was anything but that but yeah I digress shame with the effects of a show anger management we had similar issues with some of his co-workers including Summa Blair who after a verbal altercation was fired machine and then anger management got cancelled because she refused to fill out his contract in terms of the episode order now again scheana sent some things on television since then he went and did a supporting role in a movie or two but Hollywood has gotten very wary of Sheen because they know if he goes off the wagon again everyone's going to be paying for it and the last thing they want is another top-notch shell falling down the drain because of Shane Heaney blame them number five Bruce will listen Kevin Smith when it comes to making movies and making them well it's a very important factor that the director has the respect of the actors and actresses on set because if their personalities are too different it just wouldn't work such as the case between action movie actor Bruce Willis and fan favorite director Kevin Smith during the film cop-out which was a major flop Kevin Smith was thrilled to be working with Bruce Willis who he had worked with in the die art film series however that was when he was an actor this was with him directing Willis that led to something he didn't expect mainly well it's not being invested into the film according to Smith Willis was checked out and he was apparently only doing the film for money which Smith had never had happened as everyone he cast in his movies or people who want to make the movie be as great as they can be more than that Willis wouldn't listen to Smith and was shaking my co-star Tracy Morgan's ability to ad-lib and change the dialogue on the script has caused a lot of tension on set and as noted the film was a flop the two never worked again on a film and it's not too hard to see why number 4 Terrence Howard / Edward Norton and the Marvel Cinematic Universe the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the greatest accomplishments in entertainment history spending over eleven years and 22 films it's a testament to great leadership great writing and great casting and the Avengers end games shattering all sorts of box-office records is proof that he can set out to do something and finish the story you're willing to tell if you do it right and the casting is a great big part of that rarely if ever do they miss with the casting role however that doesn't mean that once a role is casted they're set on a slight chance though sometimes replacements can be made if needed the first one of these replacements was one of the original Iron Man films where Terrence Howard played Rhodey it was destined to be war machine or so we thought despite the movie being a success and officially and successfully kicking off the MCU Howard was replaced after the first film and no clear explanation has been given since then however Howard suggested that Robert Downey jr. is partially to blame and some other reports say that Howard's salary for the second film would have been sliced dramatically in order to pay for Downey jr. to come back Howard didn't like that in the left and everyone noticed as for Edward Norton he was the first in the MCU to play Bruce Banner also known as The Incredible Hulk and met he actually liked his take on the character but behind the scenes Norton was apparently a hard person to work with mainly because he kept changing the script to suit him better and eventually Marvel had to override him just to get the movie done the result was one of the lowest grossing Mencia films out there and hope didn't reappear until the first Avengers film and when he did he was now Mark Ruffalo who's playing him Tuesday these are the biggest recasting in MCU history and you can tell that someone had to be bitter for this even happen number 3 awry Carey and Nicki Minaj American Idol is arguably one of the most important and fan beloved shows out there on television it's one that came out of nowhere and charmed the world for many seasons before being cancelled and recently reborn to great success throughout the many seasons there have been many judges and in many ways it's the judges that help make the show what it is not the least which was because of their clashes with each other over Talent there are perceived foods between many of them including fake view between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul but they openly admitted that while they but their heads they still do like each other and they showed it off many times on the show however in season 12 a real one happened and it was anything but a kind butting of heads going through another judging change the show which was on the decline at this point decided to try and bring in some more big names how about the ratings this included Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj two singers who couldn't be further apart in terms of style and personality yet they were both still big names in the industry so you can see why they tried to appeal to both old-school singers and the ones who were in the new age of rap but they just couldn't get along with one another because through their 12th season the two had argued on and off-camera they argued about contestants what the other one had said about their talent and so much more but not even walked upset at times because she couldn't handle Carey imagine this going on on-air and off for months it's a lot of tension on a show that should be all about the contestants not the judges and sure enough once the season ended so too did their tenure on the show but not because of being fired but rather because they both openly left the show because they didn't want to see each other again number two George stocking William Shatner space the final frontier this is the few that took place on the Starship Enterprise I don't know where this is going anyway well the cast of the original Star Trek is legendary to this day because of being pioneers of sorts in the sci-fi TV movie film industry two of the biggest stars William Shatner and George Takei apparently don't like each other very much to the extent that they have been warring with each other since the show first aired and until now this was because of shatners desire to be the focus of the show in all ways including having the camera on him at all times which Sokka didn't appreciate as this was supposed to be a team show however whatever issues they had during the Star Trek show taka claims that there was no real beef between them rather it was actually shadow get them bringing up the feud and all that for a bit of self publicity it's all coming from bill whenever he needs a little publicity for a project he bumps up this so-called controversy between us well that's something that's both adding kind of disconcerting why would you pretend to have a feud with a person who was your friend all for publicity likely because the internet keeps pushing it as something more real than it actually is even if there is no real feud it's fair to say that there is a little resentment there because of the things that have happened to Shatner number one Joanne Crawford and Betty Davis who said that all celebrity hatred and Foods have to summer ones that set the stage for rivals to come that's because at times rivalries can lead to deep hatred that hatred can last for years and decades it caused all sorts of terrible things to happen and that's exactly what happened to Joanne Crawford and Betty Davis two prominent actresses back in the early 30s and 40s and at that time these two were some of the best and brightest and most beloved of all actresses in Hollywood so naturally they ended up hating on each other it started out small they both loved the same man French shot Tony and did things to try and get them then when they were contracted to work on a film called whatever happened to Baby Jane they try to make it work but then fell into old habits to the accept that they openly mocked each other in the media putting items in each other's dressing rooms to infuriate the other and in one case even at a weight belt and the others close for a scene which caused them to suffer through intense agony yeah these ladies really didn't like each other in fact these two hated each other so much that when proffer passed away in 1977 Betty Davis said good still not enough to prove that this was one of the biggest Hollywood feuds while the rivalry was so well-known and documented that FX decided to make a series based on the rivalry so yeah they really hated each other that much because everyone is still talking about it well after they're both gone and yeah that's a lot of hate and so they're having everyone some celebrities who frankly can't stand each other in the worst way possible which is a celebrity fuse do you think is the worst of the bunch do you think some of them will ever get over their feuds or will they last forever and be remembered for their

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