let's begin number 20 an MMA fighter getting beat up by his opponent was thrown into even more humiliation when his concerned mother climbed into the Octagon ring the outraged mother who couldn't keep it together after her son was almost choked by his opponent climbed up a chain-link fence while screaming at the officials to help her son ultimately the mom did not get a chance to pacify her baby before she was ultimately ushered out of the ring by police number 19 this video shows Neymar falling and rolling during brazil's win against serbia the role comes late during the first half when a defender tackles him with a sliding tackle Neymar keeps on rolling although the tackle is not that aggressive [Music] number 18 Brazilian and AC Milan goalie DITA looks every inch of a strong man standing about 200 centimeters tall fans are sure that the goalie is more than capable of Manning the goal area during a match between AC Milan and Celtic a crazed fan ran into the pitch to celebrate his team's win when he grazed the goaltender shoulder not only did die to fall over he went down so hard that he had to be carried off the pitch on a stretcher [Music] number 17 in an embarrassing moment that does not necessarily involve athletes a rockets fan made plans to have his girlfriend called out during the halftime break of an NBA game to get a lottery prize however while the surprised and smiling girlfriend stepped forward to claim her prize her boyfriend showed up with a public address system and in the presence of over 10,000 on lookers proposed to her in what should have been a heartwarming moment the girlfriend awkwardly and nervously whispered into the ears of the kneeling man before running from the court in tears leaving her boyfriend stupefied number 16 Tyson Fury certainly has a furious side but this time he pulled off a really hilarious performance during his fight against Li swabby number 15 MMA is known for being brutal and bloody also sometimes a fight can get dirty the fight below between Travis the brown bomber Wolford and Daniel Cooper got dirty for all the wrong reasons after Daniel used the choke technique his opponent got a little messy [Music] number fourteen Grimsley Crawford had an impressive list of first-round knockouts under his belt however his clean sheet was soiled when he met his match in Jimmy Thunder during this match he was knocked out almost immediately after the start whistle was blown number thirteen while celebrating their victory the guy carrying their trophy managed to split it in half number 12 Jerry Hackney did not have much going on for him in his boxing profession during a match with renowned boxer George - butchered Klein Smith he seemed to further destroy his already tainted image in a hilarious way in the fourth round Hackney had gotten beaten up so much that he actually ran for his dear life unfortunately for him in the process of jumping on the ropes he got stuck and suffered even more blows from George to butcher Klein Smith who punched him into the crowd even more hilarious is the fact that Hackney claimed he was jogging around the ring number 11 Australian light heavyweight boxer Paul Briggs had a comeback fight against Danny Green which lasted less than 60 seconds barely seconds after hitting the ring his back was already on the ground what made this all the more hilarious is the fact that the punch from his opponent didn't even touch him the funny moment became embarrassing when Briggs was booed out of the stadium with his opponent describing him as less than k9 Briggs was later fined and had his license revoked because it was discovered that he had been paid to lose the match however this does not take away from the fact that his loss was absolutely hilarious number 10 during the finals of the North American boxing championship Pedro Cardenas a Cuban boxer was in a tough spot that created funny moments in the match on the first occasion when he was caught against the ropes by Willy DeWitt the Cuban began swinging roughly with the intention of catching his opponent but his fists found the referee Bert Lowe's instead immediately knocking him out while the Pumped spectators were still getting over the streams of laughter that resulted from the referee being knocked out a new referee was appointed in the match continued however Cardenas was soon in the same position and he hit the second referee knocking him out to number nine here we see a football player getting carried off in a stretcher number eight in what could be tagged is both funny and embarrassing for swimmer's who actually got to the finish line early enough in the 4x200 meter relay of the 2011 World Championships in Japan got so happy that they got themselves disqualified in their celebration process patria Thomas Alka gram GN Rooney and Linda Mackenzie were so excited about their win that they jumped into the pool while the other swimmers were there number seven in what might be described as sheer excitement to be on the pitch or just plain stupidity Kent State's Andre Parker returned to kick the wrong way much to the surprise of both the spectators and his teammates however in what would make an already embarrassing situation become hilarious Townsend players actually pursued and tackled him although he was well on his way to score an own goal number six Graham Pole got the opportunity to officiate at the World Cup in Germany and he went there with high hopes of officiating the final match however during the group match between Australia and Croatia he must have had his head in the cloud as he showed josa Munich the yellow card three times thus ruining his chances of making it to the final match number five this guy kicked the ball the wrong way and managed to trip over number four Tony Wilson had help from his mommy in the hird round of his fight with Steve McCarthy while Wilson was getting beat up by Steve McCarthy his mother couldn't bear to witness her son being further humiliated so she climbed into the ring and began beating McCarthy around the head with her shoe number three this pitcher managed to trip over when trying to get a home run [Music] number two Stacy Thompson was interviewing Flex Lewis but things got the better of her as she can't seem to take her eyes off of him his female Hong Lord ups and downs and a lot of blood sweat and tears I mean me my life of been a rock you know through the number-one Denver Nuggets Jevon Magee was trying to get the rebound when he accidentally stumbles and ended up kissing grandma who's watching

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