Sports is where most of the records are set as often as they are broken we come to know those records set as some impossible feat as ironic as they may sound however there are a lot of incidents throughout the world of sports that go undocumented which are actually better than the records that currently hold here we look at some impossible feats carried out in sports some are records some are documented while others have gone on noticed number 15 a tricky shot here we see a Chinese female pole player who has left the opponent no chance at winning or no chance at even taking a shot in that case the video is believed to have been filmed in Shenzhen city in southern China's Guangdong province on April 8th the video shows the female player known only as he be doing a break shot and apparently sending every ball into the pockets in one go while leaving the onlookers gasping for air her friends were perplexed by the trick shot carried out by her and most likely will never forget the moment number fourteen a perfect curve ping-pong is an indoor sport liked by many we all know the basic rules of table tennis even if we've never played the sport it is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using small racquets there is a small net on the table and the ball must cross to the other side over the net that's the basic rule but how about hitting the ball around the net it is not illegal to hit the ball around the net but many are also not able to complete this feat it will require a lot of swerve as well as the perfect position to apply that shot in this video the guys carry out this move as if like they do it every other day and matches they play there a finished content creator team that specializes in table tennis who try to carry out impossible ping-pong shots and challenges that some would dare say impossible before watching them do it [Applause] thirteen litang if you're a football fan then you would have definitely heard about this event before as well the famous bicycle kick buys Litani Brahma vich against England in a friendly match it was not just some bicycle kick but it was from 50 yards from the goalpost and many fans believed that this is the best goal they will ever see on a football pitch to top it off in there 42 victory against England he managed to grab all four goals as well it was the dying minutes of the match and Sweden was 3:2 up when the Swedish defender knocks the ball of the field the England goalkeeper comes out to clear the ball but not far enough as Lata latches on to it and hits a sweet bicycle kick which ends up in the net the rest is history number 12 a 900 master Tony Hawk is an American professional skateboarder actor and owner of the skateboard company birdhouse however if you were to talk about his achievements then we would all recall him as the first person to ever complete a document in 900 the 900 is a two and a half revolution aerial spin it's considered one of skateboarding's most technically demanding tricks before him everyone thought that landing a 900 was a tremendously difficult task and nearly impossible however after much practice and devotion Tony Hawk nails the first ever 900 in a competition in vert best-trick at X Games 5 in San Francisco number 11 look out for those threes stephen steph curry is an american professional basketball player who is currently playing for the Golden State Warriors he is a six-time NBA all-star as of today and it's won many prestigious honors from the world of basketball here in this video we see him setting a world record for the most three-pointers scored in a single match the previous record was 12 and he broke that by scoring 13 three-pointers in a single match this had never been done before and is clearly an impossible feat for any normal players to outperform number 10 a spinning shot it was the second round of the 2019 World Golf Championships Mexico championship where this shot was taken Tiger Woods was going for his 132 yard bunker shot where he even managed to add spin to the ball once the ball lands it's as if like the hole was attracting it the ball manages to ricocheted towards the hole due to the spin making the shot seemingly impossible to carry out number nine the impossible move Macy is considered as the best player in football right now many records are set by him which many people believe will not be broken so easily we got to witness one of those moments in the Spanish Cup final of 2015 against Bilbao he managed to score a solo goal which has been deemed scientifically impossible if he had been off by even a millimeter or even the tiniest degree in his touches he would have eventually missed the goal or have his shot saved and someone once said you cannot explain magic with math number eight the fastest man he could get a speed ticket for just running yes he is the fastest man alive who managed to set a world record for his speed not only once but twice the current men's world record is nine point five eight seconds set by jamaica's Usain Bolt in 2009 the race kicks off and right from the start we could say that bolts was the clear winner however we do have to feel a little pity for the second place Tyson Gay as he managed to beat his nation's record but still managed to cross the finish line behind bolt they say lightning doesn't strike twice but it did this time number seven a backflip you may have seen some spectacular dunks and basketball in your life but you may not have come across something as amazing as this one here the guy does a backflip off the frame of the basketball and then still managed to the landed dunk you won't get to see these kind of tricks and official matches but they're sure to leave a kind of impression that says it's nearly impossible to do it without hard work and dedication six tweener this shot is apparently called the tweener and when it successfully pulled off by Roger Federer it is one of the most impossible and spectacular shots to watch and to manage to pull it off and the grandest stage with all eyes fixed on you it takes a lot of confidence in your skill however lack of confidence is not something for this guy number 5 Elisha Newman here's Elisha Newman who really showed us what it takes to do the possible in 2017 she set a personal record of 4 meters and 71 centimeters in pole vaulting [Music] [Applause] before a chewing-gum the German international football team superstar Mesut özil was part of the German team that won the World Cup back in 2014 in this video we see him juggling a chewing gum at his feet as if they were just like footballs to him we have trouble juggling big footballs and here he is juggling chewing gum as if it were normal for him he does this not only for one video but has also seen doing it often in training and also while taking some leisure time on the pitch after a hard day at practice number three the bottle flip we know the infamous bottle flip challenge that once took the internet by storm many people got on this challenge including famous celebrities and influencers showing off their flipping skills Macey also got it on this challenge however it was for an ad campaign and the way he pulled it off was very different from the rest of the people he places the bottle on top of the football and he shoots the ball towards a small hoop at the other end the ball as expected enters the hoop without any flaw and the bottle manages to do a flip and land on the floor two and one number two a new special move this shot managed to take everyone by surprise the Spiker had two blockers on him and players would usually go for power in this kind of situation and strike the ball as hard as they can into any opening they see however this guy does a spin in midair and then only hits the ball confusing the defense and earning him a point number one unnhhh uhhh tagged Maci manages to nutmeg a reporter from 50 meters out on the field the reporter was just minding his own business when Maci decides to nutmeg him from 50 meters even professional footballers have difficulty not making an opponent from a few meters out and he manages to do it to someone who is almost 50 meters

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