body builders always look like a million bucks and trained super hard day and night to get their dream body but some become so addicted to winning and looking their best that they're willing to pay any price for it here are 10 such people who took bodybuilding  number 10 dean warm be a very famous british bodybuilder dean warm be was headstrong about turning his body into an absolute masterpiece he definitely treated each muscle like a holy scripture that had to be studied thoroughly but his pursuit to the perfect body had a very tragic end at the peak of his career dean warm be looked super fit and the best that any bodybuilder could look but it all came at a heavy price Warby was consuming 10,000 calories a day to bulk up and was having approximately eight cans of energy drinks daily he was practically living on pizzas burgers and sandwiches unfortunately his glory days couldn't last long as warm be developed various tumors in his liver which were later discovered to be malignant he developed liver cancer at a very young age due to heavy anabolic steroid usage and an unsupervised diet intake all this diet and steroid abuse dragged warm B to his deathbed and he passed away at a young age of 39 in 2015 he looked extremely frail and weak before passing away and one could never imagine him as the big buff bodybuilder he once used to be number nine on draya's moons ur andreas moon sir was a very well-known professional bodybuilder who hailed from austria being an avid admirer of his very famous fellow countryman Arnold Schwarzenegger moon sir came into bodybuilding at a very young age and at that young age he was ready to do whatever it took to be the best even if it meant abusing performance improving drugs Andre moon sir was known to use an immense range of drugs which included insulin potassium sparing drugs exogenous testosterone and growth hormones along with other diuretics to get him in shape for the competitions successfully achieved brilliant feats of leanness and muscle definition but it all came at a very heavy price to get the perfectly lean body this Austrian professional bodybuilder sacrificed a lot and was famously known for having 0% body fat after its last bodybuilding competition andreas complained of a severe stomach pain and was quickly rushed to a hospital the doctors there tried their very best to operate on him to stop a persisting stomach bleeding but it was too late as both his liver and kidneys had failed by that time a later autopsy revealed that there were tumors the size of ping-pong balls in his liver and his heart had enlarged to twice its size since it was too late for anything to be done andreas wounds are died at the young age of 31 in 1996 number 8 Dave Palumbo originally a long-distance runner Dave Palumbo began to lift weights at the age of 22 in the next few years Palumbo quickly rose to fame as one of the most buff and successful bodybuilders winning numerous competitions his weight normally ranged between 200 and 280 pounds in all of these competitions but fame does not come easy as this American bodybuilder was found guilty of abusing the human growth hormone or HGH and was sentenced to a few months in prison because of it too but that wasn't the only harmful outcome of drug abuse apparently Palumbo developed a highly enlarged stomach from constant misuse of HGH and insulin his condition was so severe that a new term called Palumbo ism was coined to refer to people with flattened arms and a swollen midsection Dave Palumbo fortunately came to terms with his problematic condition and reformed his life by quitting drug abuse and adopting a healthy lifestyle he is now a very successful owner of a supplement company called species nutrition number 7 mike Matarazzo michael richard Matarazzo also famously known as big guns was an american IFBB professional bodybuilder he had an intense passion for bodybuilding and like the name big guns suggests he had 21 inch arms and 20-inch calves but these big guns did not come cheap in order to get bigger by the day Mike Matarazzo followed a ridiculous diet which included consuming fire to seven pounds of red meat every day and no vegetables at all he didn't consume any fruits either as he was afraid of their sugar content and to add more fuel to the fire he was also on steroids growth hormones and diuretics due to his constant drug abuse and insane dietary patterns he suffered from various heart problems and had an open heart surgery to fix terribly clogged arteries once retired Mike Matarazzo spoke openly about the dangers of abusing steroids and other hormonal drugs saying he wished he'd gone easy on them and it all proved to be very true when he died from a heart attack at the age of 48 number six Greg Kovacs it's not every day that you come across a bodybuilder who weighs around 400 pounds even during offseason standing at 6 feet 4 inches Greg Kovacs was a humungous bodybuilder from Canada who weighed as much as 420 pounds during the offseason his chest measured at 70 inches and arms were 25 inches while his quad measurement was a whopping 35 inches he was also known to be able to bench 700 pounds for two reps and could do a leg press of over 2,000 pounds such unbelievable muscle definition and amount of muscle mass is not something that could be pulled off by everyone it's past the limits of an average person and achieving this shape definitely takes its toll on the human body Kovacs was found guilty of abusing anabolic steroids and growth hormones he was also thought to have been blackmailing the owner of a nutritional supplement store Greg Kovacs however met his untimely demise in 2013 due to heart failure number 5 Mustafa Ismail Mustafa Ismail is a world-famous bodybuilder from Egypt who initially started off as a traditional bodybuilder as he worked hard on his entire physique but slowly he started to give all his time and devotion to his arms his hard work paid off and he made his way to the Guinness Book of World Records for having the biggest arms his arms are 31 inches in circumference his male primarily accredits his world-record forming arms too good genetics but it comes as no surprise to us that it's not just due to what his mom and dad and an intense workout routine gave him Mustafa Ismail has been known to inject synthol which gave his suit buf pop i like arms he was also consuming seven pounds of protein daily his mail has been lucky to have only suffered from a bizarre deformity and not some permanent or serious injury due to his synthol abuse but if not careful he could meet the same fate as his fellow bodybuilders number four Romario dos Santos office just like Mustafa Ismail romário dos Santos Alves was also a huge fan of synthol he started out as a normal bodybuilder but soon let his obsession with his favorite cartoon superhero The Incredible Hulk take over when he wasn't satisfied with just lifting weight he soon turned to a mix of alcohol oil and painkillers to enlarge his biceps he has also been called the synthol man for his excessive use of the drug he soon became an addict and his addiction nearly cost him his life and both arms his arms became rock solid due to regularly injecting synthol and he had to get veterinary syringes as the regular ones wouldn't fill in his arm his arms then blew up to outrageous proportions and it was said by doctors that all the muscle in his arm was nothing but rocks of synthol talked about being literally built like a rock fortunately the synthol rocks were removed on time and his arms were saved from being amputated number 3 Danyelle Sakura Chi daniele Sakura she was an Italian bodybuilder who weighed approximately 300 pounds during the in season with this way he had the privilege of holding the Guinness Book of World Records for the heaviest competitive bodybuilder for the year 2010 his biceps were also measured at 55 centimeters across but similar to the experience of his fellow bodybuilders this physique came at a price Danyelle Sakura she is said to have had a super tough exercise routine accompanied by six to seven separate meals a day this could not have been possible without a cocktail of dietary supplements aka steroids and drugs he also served some time in prison after being accused of illegal steroid marketing but as his body had already started acting up due to all the drug abuse with effects such as severe water retention he was allowed to serve the rest of his time at home there he died at the age of 33 due to a heart attack number two Anthony D IRISA this award-winning American bodybuilder looked like a million bucks just before his untimely death but at what cost despite having a bachelor's degree in health sciences Anthony D arezzo was willing to do whatever it took to get the best most buff body out there which is why he overdosed on steroids and drugs he was warned by his doctors to limit his steroid usage but when you're at the top of your game and you have cash rolling in from all places everything seems harmless he died in a hotel room a night before a competition and his autopsy revealed that he had a heart three times the size of a normal heart as he was suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy number one Gregg Valentino Gregg Valentino is an American bodybuilder who got his fame from the documentary the man whose arms exploded he was also known to be a freak due to his insane body proportions he had a height of five five and a waist of 27 inches but his biceps were also measured to be around 27 inches this body was a result of numerous years of synthol abuse his arms had swollen up due to all the synthol injected in them and unlike a few other body builders on sento Greg wasn't lucky enough as his arms eventually burst open luckily he survived and is still alive today

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