convertible chrome wheels red guts absolutely beautiful

on the c8 scams I have three Zr ones available this one right here is available now this is a three zr convertible chrome wheels red guts absolutely beautiful car and that two more available the links are in the description below if you'd like to see those you like to buy one reach out to me at chevy hey don't forget if you are here in louisville and come into the Chevy store make sure you ask for me the best way to get ahold of me is through Chevy dude calm you can set an appointment to communicate with me or come in and talk about a car purchase and then also for our other stores as well you see those down there also if you'd like to support the channel get your Chevy dude swag link is in the description below you hey everyone welcome back to the channel I hope you are having a fantastic day I am sending it out here in the Corvette inventory on this extremely mild day of spring here in Louisville Kentucky I'm really excited at last night Chevrolet finally has acknowledged the mid-engine Corvette now this is the first time Chevrolet has acknowledged the mid-engine Corvette and also gave us a revealed date in this video I'm gonna share with you the three scams that Corvette dealers are gonna pull with you on the c8 now I've been selling core ads for a long time as a Corvette owner and as a salesman here at Bachman Chevrolet in Louisville Kentucky I'm proud to say that we do not pull any tricks or any gimmicks or any games it's just straightforward deal so I want to help you Corvette owners make sure you get the right deals as someone who has been selling Corvettes for such a long time back in for when they announced the c6 when it came out in a five there was all sorts of scams on power convertible tops and the Corvette came out of course then 13 when this body style came out people were doing all sorts of goofy things that's not gonna happen on my watch here in 2019 and 2020 on the CA all right number one the most obvious one out there and that would be don't pay over MSRP on your 2020 c8 Corvette now it goes without saying that Corvette dealers think that they have the upper hand when it comes to you wanting something supply-and-demand right well nevertheless if you're going to one of the top Corvette dealers in the country maybe in one of them there is no need for us to sell over MSRP because we sell in volume so when we sell at full MSRP and play no games then you won't have to worry about getting ripped off so don't pay over MSRP and any Corvette dealer if they do say hey listen we're gonna do 5 grand 10 grand off click hang up here's another tip with that the California dealers are some of the worst of this when you buy a car and you're in the California region you're in the west of the Mississippi River what happens is is that car gets put on a rail car and ship that way ok going through Chicago the average train speed freight train speed through Chicago is one mile per hour freight trains can only move in certain times because all the commuter trains there so when you order here from the dealership and it's best to order from me and get it shipped to you you will get your car much faster by coming here and then paint a little bit of extra to go out there so don't pay over MSRP and use the right dealers to make sure that you get your car because the East Coast dealers may be in the Middle West here in Louisville Kentucky it's cheaper to ship out of right here than it is anywhere else in the country let's talk about number two this one dealers will scam you all day long and there's really no way that you can do it so you have to really buy from a Corvette dealer that you can trust so the dealers will over promise on your allocations they'll sit there and be like hey I'll get you a car I'll get you a car oh there's a delay or GM is doing this or they blame somebody else but they never do one thing they don't put the blame on themselves GM allows dealers to earn inventory and the way they earn inventory is by turning inventory it's called turn to earn so when we turn inventory as a corvette dealer we earn future allocations so therefore I set it in number one you want to make sure you buy from a big reputable dealer me being one of those I would say no more than number thirty number forty on the list that I have in the description below because those dealers are all going to have the most allocations and can pretty do much do exactly what I say and guarantee you a car so make sure you buy from a dealer that you can know in your cold heart that they're gonna have an allocation and it goes off of how many Corvettes they have right now in stock you can see there's Corvettes all behind me I have Corvettes up there and a good way to test this out is simply go to their website and see how many Corvettes they have in inventory if they have 30 or 40 Plus even 20 they probably are gonna get the first wave of allocations per CH so don't fall for a small dealer prom

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