9 celebrities who treat their fans like trash

number 9 Rihanna Rihanna is certainly a curious one when it comes to her celebrity status not that it's in question mind you she's a renowned singer actress and after if getting some bad films out of the way and a very successful businesswoman who not only has a clothing line but perfume as well and while it's true that she often treats her fans equally she does do some moves that are very much wrong my co-workers won free tickets and backstage passes to see Rihanna about a year after they were first playing umbrella on the radio a former fan told the catalog when her kids finally got the chance to go on me Brianna she was sitting at her makeup booth and refused to face them or even look at them when they asked for her autograph she told the closest backup dancer to forge it for them and shoo them away sadly that's not even the worst one there's another case where a young fan of hers tried to imitate a dress that Rihanna once wore but obviously she didn't have the same materials so she used what she was able to to mimic it when Rihanna saw this she got the picture and blasted it on social media making fun of the girl and her attempt to match her style by Rihanna would do these things is unknown but you'd have to ask her but it is indeed tactless Anna that'll change your view of her number 8 Christian Bale it may know him as Batman or from his recent award-winning role as Dick Cheney in Vice but while he may be one of the best actors alive today that doesn't mean that Christian Bale doesn't have a dark side in fact his main streak is actually quite well known it's once caught on tape berating a crew member during a filming session now don't just be sorry think for one second that deaf are you do it you are trashing my scene you do it one more time I'm ain't walking on this set if you're still hired I'm serious it's terrible for all of us and that tape was released because when you're working on his set you it's a creative experience when you're filming a really intense scene and you're you haven't slept in 48 hours I mean like people are raw he also got so angry with a family that was attending a press tour that he got arrested for it oh and all the family wanted was a photograph as if that wasn't enough people went so far as to even fax a threat to a fan sure he wasn't charged as you would think but the fact he bit us at all is quite harrowing and that was just the stuff that has been made public if Hollywood showed us anything is that they're able to behind certain acts that others do so what does this all mean as a whole symbol while Christian Bale is a great actor he doesn't have the best personality and you'll need to be careful when you go out and try to meet them as a certain superhero once said it is not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me very true Bale now live up to those damn words number seven Madonna there's a very old phrase that slurries can be such divas and many do indeed to embody that phrase but there are many who embody it even more than you might think and that surprisingly Madonna is one of them now in terms of status Madonna is and always will be legendary she's a singer who knows not only how to make good music but also to reinvent herself to stay relevant and thus stay on the top of the music world but when it comes to her fans yeah not so much in that grave kindness one time she was asked by a fan for an autograph a very basic thing for celebrities but how did she respond she wrote a few and much more explicit terms and that's just the tip of the iceberg in regards to her rudeness despite her being in the business for decades she's not one for punctuality she's actually constantly late to her own shows and concerts and when fans complain well all you who keep complaining about it can shut them up she continued on saying if you diva want to keep complaining about it don't come to my show while it likely won't cause her to lose fans on a global scale that doesn't mean that she should treat her fans like this [Applause] number six Michael Jordan if we're talking about some of the greatest athletes in all of sports you can't help but talk about number 23 v1v only Michael Jordan since his introduction in the 1980s to the NBA he was a force to be reckoned with he's part of an only small group of people who have more than five NBA final rings and he's widely considered one of the greatest basketball players of all time and if not the greatest however while he was a force on the basketball court that doesn't mean he was a great man off the court his issues with gambling and managing basketball teams is very well-known and his treatment of fans and others is also well known and not in a good way one time he chewed out a rapper who bought one of his legendary jerseys from a charity event and when he asked for an autograph Jordan went nuts and demanded a payment for the signature Jordan is also infamously competitive and if he get in the way of his drive to win yeah you never get a few words from him thankfully this won't affect his encore legacy but he'll definitely change how many look at him number five David Hasselhoff David Hasselhoff is another one of those celebrities who is rather curious when he trying to find his status as a celebrity on one hand he was part of many iconic shows including Knight Rider the original and not the terrible remake and Baywatch and that trouble of his legacy the sky Heights and then when he started the sing he was hated in the US but loved in Europe so he became arguably an even bigger star somehow like many other celebrities he let that fame go to his head and during one promotional outing Hasselhoff tried to cut in front of a concession stand because he felt like he could obviously couldn't don't you know who I am and return she replied yes mr. Hasselhoff I know who you are I'm a big fan actually but it's not fair to the people who were here first to allow you to cut line please step back in with your turn Hasselhoff didn't like that and he blew it all up insulting the people in the line the worker and the manager when he came out to handle the situation that's all was told to honor the workers request orally and while he did leave it didn't stop what he did number for Justin Bieber it may feel that a lot of singers are on this list and yet it makes perfect sense that they would be on this list because there would their fans more often than not because of the concerts at the rat and of course that brings us to the one and only Justin Bieber first up we didn't need him to be a jerk to hate him Bieber fever was more than a reason to get that feeling as he caused a bunch of girls all over the world the fon over Emma when that Fame went to his head and he then became a great big jerk for all the world to see a lot people said I told you so so what are some of the offenses that he's done well apparently spat on fans he refused to take photos of fans because he felt like a zoo animal and sometimes during his concerts he would walk offstage because he felt like his fans were not listening to him and of course that says nothing of his various antics like performing while drunk mooning fans in the streets and know so much more oh don't forget that once a yes he desecrated in other countries flag yeah not so cool Bieber not cool thankfully many of those under the Bieber fever have woken up and seen him for what he really is but some are still under his sway number three Kylie Jenner oh yeah you definitely knew the Kardashians we're eventually gonna be on this list in some way and that would be the second generation if you will in the form of Kylie Jenner Carly has been in the news a lot recently with her success of being a businesswoman she's a billionaire now and not even some of her siblings could even say that but just because she's rich doesn't mean she's rich in personality as her fans will then note she's actually never afraid to be mean and at times she will demand the most of her fans because like one time where they had to wait ten hours for her to show up and then be told that they couldn't sit down in line and if they left the line for any reason they couldn't get back in then when it came to her business she didn't have quality control apparently and she got 113 complaints in a short amount of time with all the complaints being about getting no products and not getting a response from the help desk until their complaints were online and when it comes to taking pictures with fans she sometimes makes it so that they can't touch her that they had to do it in a certain way in other words she's quite high-maintenance number two Rachael Ray when it comes to daytime television you have a lot to deal with they have a live audience interviews with celebrities that may not behave predictably and more so it's fair that they're all under a lot of stress but that doesn't give them the rights to be mean when the cameras go off while rachel ray is one of the leading ladies of daytime at a great cook as well many fans of the show have gone to see ER live and noted that when the camera goes off her real personality comes on and I don't mean that in a kind way she apparently is very condescending in real life and she's willing to yell at just about anyone who gets in her way oh and when it comes to being a customer or user of another establishment yeah she's not that nice she has a lot of complaints but against her and once she said I need all the stupid people to get out of my way yes that's not nice at all number one Robert Pattinson I find the century appropriate because he's Batman a role that has fueled my fans and their love of a character yet when it comes to the film series that made a famous Twilight he's apparently not as appreciative as he should be yes fans are a bit rabid and the movies themselves are either terrible or epic depending on how much you know the franchise but that doesn't excuse him saying that it's wrong for people of all ages to be Twilight fans what's really weird about Twilight fans is that they're not really teenagers most of them are older the actor went on to say Twilight has its own fan culture that existed from day one and in an intense way that didn't existed before sometimes I ask myself what these masses of people do the whole day they sit in front of their computers and comment on anything having even remotely to do with Twilight now your fan base Robert and be ready because Batman fans will eat you alive if you don't play The Dark Knight well of course you have been warned and so there you have it celebrities who are incredibly mean to

7 Celebrities Who Can’t Stand Each Other

celebrities who can't stand each other Hollywood is a place where many great celebrities are born but that doesn't mean that they all get along with one another in fact there are many cases of them not wanting to work with one another or even being in the same room as another one of them so be sure to LIKE the video and subscribe the channel number 7 Kanye West and drank often time when there's a feud that's so grand and so ferocious you can't help but wonder when and how did it all start it when it comes to the massive hate feud going on in the rap world right now between Kanye West and Drake and what really knows where it started which makes the feud even all the more confusing so let's rewind a bit okay this all started when Drake who is one of the biggest and most popular rappers in the world today was coming up in the industry by his own admission he city that Kanye West was one of his biggest inspirations mainly in that his music was what helped Drake discover his own flowing style and he openly and publicly thanked Kanye for being such a big help to him including doing some collaboration music with him once upon a time Kanye being Kenya though he suddenly turned on Drake and started dissing him not only in just in public but also in his tracks including spilling the beans that Drake at an illegitimate son which strike tonight at first but then openly admit it was true and that truly self drank the most of 2018 Drake fired back at Kanye West pretty hard and wild Kanye West fought back at first he then did a 180 and tried to work it out with drink but it wasn't interested then when he felt that things were starting to cool off between them Kanye exploded on the internet and reignited everything so long story short drink at first went to Kanye's ask for permission to use their collaboration song on a new album through a remix but instead of just saying no Kanye West went crazy dissing Drake and then went on the Twitter and did a three-hour long rant but Drake the world himself and much more to the extent that other celebrities couldn't help but chime in and either try and stop Kanye or support him for what he was saying oh and he also stated that Drake was not only threatening him but his entire family which no one believed except for Kanye so yeah that really happened and it's likely why this particular feud isn't going to end anytime soon number three Charlie Sheen and everyone in Hollywood okay okay yes Charlie Sheen does still occasionally get work in Hollywood which means that everyone doesn't hate him but in the course of a few years he ruffled a lot of feathers and that costume a great deal of many things including being an a-list status Hollywood actor Sheen was on cloud nine with the successful sitcom Two and a Half Men he wanted numerous seasons on the show garnered a lot of praise and was part of the number one comedy on air he literally had it all and then he decided to fall off the wagon in terms of substance abuse and it made him go all a bit loopy and the infamous tiger blood speech he proclaimed himself greater than everyone when he was released from the show he did all he could do the sabotaging including having his own celebrity roast beyond the night and time that the new season two and a Half Men was supposed to be debuting with his replacement Ashton Kutcher which he happily berated and abused during the roast in his own way so when the show was coming to an end many wondered if she would ever return they teased it but then pulled a 180 and openly mocked Sheen by dropping a piano on his character and the show creator Chuck Lorre going and winning though if you listen to the reviews about the series finale it was anything but that but yeah I digress shame with the effects of a show anger management we had similar issues with some of his co-workers including Summa Blair who after a verbal altercation was fired machine and then anger management got cancelled because she refused to fill out his contract in terms of the episode order now again scheana sent some things on television since then he went and did a supporting role in a movie or two but Hollywood has gotten very wary of Sheen because they know if he goes off the wagon again everyone's going to be paying for it and the last thing they want is another top-notch shell falling down the drain because of Shane Heaney blame them number five Bruce will listen Kevin Smith when it comes to making movies and making them well it's a very important factor that the director has the respect of the actors and actresses on set because if their personalities are too different it just wouldn't work such as the case between action movie actor Bruce Willis and fan favorite director Kevin Smith during the film cop-out which was a major flop Kevin Smith was thrilled to be working with Bruce Willis who he had worked with in the die art film series however that was when he was an actor this was with him directing Willis that led to something he didn't expect mainly well it's not being invested into the film according to Smith Willis was checked out and he was apparently only doing the film for money which Smith had never had happened as everyone he cast in his movies or people who want to make the movie be as great as they can be more than that Willis wouldn't listen to Smith and was shaking my co-star Tracy Morgan's ability to ad-lib and change the dialogue on the script has caused a lot of tension on set and as noted the film was a flop the two never worked again on a film and it's not too hard to see why number 4 Terrence Howard / Edward Norton and the Marvel Cinematic Universe the Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the greatest accomplishments in entertainment history spending over eleven years and 22 films it's a testament to great leadership great writing and great casting and the Avengers end games shattering all sorts of box-office records is proof that he can set out to do something and finish the story you're willing to tell if you do it right and the casting is a great big part of that rarely if ever do they miss with the casting role however that doesn't mean that once a role is casted they're set on a slight chance though sometimes replacements can be made if needed the first one of these replacements was one of the original Iron Man films where Terrence Howard played Rhodey it was destined to be war machine or so we thought despite the movie being a success and officially and successfully kicking off the MCU Howard was replaced after the first film and no clear explanation has been given since then however Howard suggested that Robert Downey jr. is partially to blame and some other reports say that Howard's salary for the second film would have been sliced dramatically in order to pay for Downey jr. to come back Howard didn't like that in the left and everyone noticed as for Edward Norton he was the first in the MCU to play Bruce Banner also known as The Incredible Hulk and met he actually liked his take on the character but behind the scenes Norton was apparently a hard person to work with mainly because he kept changing the script to suit him better and eventually Marvel had to override him just to get the movie done the result was one of the lowest grossing Mencia films out there and hope didn't reappear until the first Avengers film and when he did he was now Mark Ruffalo who's playing him Tuesday these are the biggest recasting in MCU history and you can tell that someone had to be bitter for this even happen number 3 awry Carey and Nicki Minaj American Idol is arguably one of the most important and fan beloved shows out there on television it's one that came out of nowhere and charmed the world for many seasons before being cancelled and recently reborn to great success throughout the many seasons there have been many judges and in many ways it's the judges that help make the show what it is not the least which was because of their clashes with each other over Talent there are perceived foods between many of them including fake view between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul but they openly admitted that while they but their heads they still do like each other and they showed it off many times on the show however in season 12 a real one happened and it was anything but a kind butting of heads going through another judging change the show which was on the decline at this point decided to try and bring in some more big names how about the ratings this included Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj two singers who couldn't be further apart in terms of style and personality yet they were both still big names in the industry so you can see why they tried to appeal to both old-school singers and the ones who were in the new age of rap but they just couldn't get along with one another because through their 12th season the two had argued on and off-camera they argued about contestants what the other one had said about their talent and so much more but not even walked upset at times because she couldn't handle Carey imagine this going on on-air and off for months it's a lot of tension on a show that should be all about the contestants not the judges and sure enough once the season ended so too did their tenure on the show but not because of being fired but rather because they both openly left the show because they didn't want to see each other again number two George stocking William Shatner space the final frontier this is the few that took place on the Starship Enterprise I don't know where this is going anyway well the cast of the original Star Trek is legendary to this day because of being pioneers of sorts in the sci-fi TV movie film industry two of the biggest stars William Shatner and George Takei apparently don't like each other very much to the extent that they have been warring with each other since the show first aired and until now this was because of shatners desire to be the focus of the show in all ways including having the camera on him at all times which Sokka didn't appreciate as this was supposed to be a team show however whatever issues they had during the Star Trek show taka claims that there was no real beef between them rather it was actually shadow get them bringing up the feud and all that for a bit of self publicity it's all coming from bill whenever he needs a little publicity for a project he bumps up this so-called controversy between us well that's something that's both adding kind of disconcerting why would you pretend to have a feud with a person who was your friend all for publicity likely because the internet keeps pushing it as something more real than it actually is even if there is no real feud it's fair to say that there is a little resentment there because of the things that have happened to Shatner number one Joanne Crawford and Betty Davis who said that all celebrity hatred and Foods have to summer ones that set the stage for rivals to come that's because at times rivalries can lead to deep hatred that hatred can last for years and decades it caused all sorts of terrible things to happen and that's exactly what happened to Joanne Crawford and Betty Davis two prominent actresses back in the early 30s and 40s and at that time these two were some of the best and brightest and most beloved of all actresses in Hollywood so naturally they ended up hating on each other it started out small they both loved the same man French shot Tony and did things to try and get them then when they were contracted to work on a film called whatever happened to Baby Jane they try to make it work but then fell into old habits to the accept that they openly mocked each other in the media putting items in each other's dressing rooms to infuriate the other and in one case even at a weight belt and the others close for a scene which caused them to suffer through intense agony yeah these ladies really didn't like each other in fact these two hated each other so much that when proffer passed away in 1977 Betty Davis said good still not enough to prove that this was one of the biggest Hollywood feuds while the rivalry was so well-known and documented that FX decided to make a series based on the rivalry so yeah they really hated each other that much because everyone is still talking about it well after they're both gone and yeah that's a lot of hate and so they're having everyone some celebrities who frankly can't stand each other in the worst way possible which is a celebrity fuse do you think is the worst of the bunch do you think some of them will ever get over their feuds or will they last forever and be remembered for their

8 Celebrities Who Have Been Locked Up

Tim Allen in terms of comedy of the 90s 2000s and 2010's Tim Allen is one that is consistent famous and beloved his sitcom home improvement was one of the biggest shows of the 90s being consistently number one on the writing charts then in the 2000s he did all kinds of movies from big ones Disney films like the Santa Clause and of course the voice of Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story and that was show last man standing has been going on for seven seasons and even got a resurrected after got axed by its original Network proving that Tim Allen's comedy is enduring no matter what which is good because Allen once served two years for trafficking illegal substances no for real he was picked up in front of an airport with an intense load of illegal substances and the only reason he didn't get more jail time than he did was because he gave up a few names of all the other people who were doing the same thing in exchange for less jail time he was supposed to get three to seven years but eventually he got out after two for parole he moved to Los Angeles to do stand-up comedy and his career took off from there though he's had some minor incidents with a loss since then mainly a DUI charge he's never been truly back to jail anything about that he's grateful for the arrest that came in 1978 long before the internet came around because had this happened now his career would have been more than likely over number 7 Lindsay Lohan okay this one may not be the most surprising in the world but you might actually be surprised with how little jail time Lizzie Lohan has spent in her life in fact it was actually a grand total of two weeks which is something you wouldn't expect given all the visible media that has been talked about in regards to her mental state low ends started out as a child star for Disney being in the modern remake of The Parent Trap as well as the Herbie movies and more she gained even more fame for her role in Mean Girls among others but as her stardom rose so did her stress levels and so she then turned to certain beverages and other substances as a way to get herself free from all that stress and sure enough it didn't work and she got into a lot of trouble but it wasn't until she disobeyed a court order in regards to rehab and classes that she with the jail and again it was only for two weeks but that still is jail time and it definitely affected her both for the better and worse bill Lohan has never truly recovered from everything that she's done she hasn't been back to jail just yet number six Mark Wahlberg the Wahlberg name is actually pretty famous because of the multiple members of the family Donnie Wahlberg is an actor with many notable credits including the role of Danny Reagan on the CBS had shown Blue Bloods but for most people in the world the name Wahlberg refers to Mark Wahlberg the singer turned movie actor then it's been a major lead in multiple action films and many more including the last main transformer film what most people don't know is that before his rise to fame in the music world as Marky Mark and then the acting world mark got into a lot of trouble for some very disturbing reasons bailing he was a racist miss early teen years he had some friends would actually seek out non-white people and call them various racial slurs and at times bought them one time in the course of about a day Mark Wahlberg beat up two vietnamese citizens one of whom he openly confessed to splitting his head open Wahlberg was then arrested and put into prison for 45 days this may seem like a light sentence but he also carried a felony on his permanent record one that he even tried to get a parole of later on his life well it's fair to say that Wahlberg has grown up a lot since then some feel that he'll never truly change he just acted better did I get in trouble and you know you can be the judge of that number five Martha Stewart depending on how old you are you'll either remember this vividly or you won't remember at all Martha Stewart was at one time one of the biggest hosts and TV personalities in all of television she didn't start out that way but through various business deals and corporate dealings she got two TV shows over the course of two decades and she became one of the main people that both men and women went to in order for cooking home advice decorations and so much more she just seemed to have an eye for it and a word carried a lot of weight but then she got a bit greedy and then she received some insider information which is a crime from her stockbroker they Stern stock she owns was going to tank so to save herself tens of thousands of dollars she sold it all and didn't lose a dime but the SCC who overlooked stock and market transactions caught her doing that and she was arrested but the trial and convicted of conspiracy obstruction of an agency proceeding and making false statements to federal investigators she was put in prison in 2004 and had to make a five-month stay in prison after she was released she tried to come back onto many aspects of her former life with mixed success probably because her prison sentence starter image number for Robert Downey jr. and I am Iron Man hey it's been weeks since then game premiered spoilers over totally legitimate anyway when it comes to Robbie Danny jr. it's easy to think of him solely as Tony Stark in Iron Man in the Avengers movies or as Sherlock Holmes in the guy reshef films or all the other various films he's been in since 2008 but the fact of the matter is and one time Downey jr. was one of the biggest black guys in the industry in terms of his conduct he started out as a member of the Brat Pack a group of young actors who were destined for greatness such as Molly Ringwald Emilio Steve and for a while he lived up to that reputation but after a while he fell into some really bad habits they got him into major trouble to law including getting him on probation which he broke in 1999 after failing to do a substance test because of his failure to do this house Downey jr. was sentenced to one year in jail when he fled from a detox center his rehab is stemming from several and weapons arrests but a judge sent him back a year later he skipped the court-ordered drug test and spent the next four months in the LA County Jail 1999 Downey skipped another drug test and was sent back to rehab but this time a judge gave Downey hard time state prison for nearly one year thankfully for all of us especially you Marvel fans Downey jr. was able to get his act together and thanks to the Iron Man films he became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood and his legacy is now going to be one of redemption instead of a fall from grace I guess Tony Stark does get a happy ending after all number three Wesley Snipes at one point in time Wesley Snipes is one of the biggest actors in Hollywood really because he had the rein to do all kinds of films his most famous of which were classics like white men can't jump and the Blake trilogy which many accredits do the rise of superhero films as well as one of the first african-american let's superhero films sorry Black Panther fans and also fans of spawn I know you're out there and if it weren't for the one really dumb decision he likely would have been making movies for a lot longer so what did he do simple he didn't pay his taxes which we all know is something we should never to what the chance to I'm sure from a certain angle this doesn't seem like a bad thing especially since not paying taxes typically results in a fine but that's not what happened here it made some serious tax errors when he didn't file them and the IRS decided that his punishment should be to go to jail and that's exactly what he did that's what happens when you fail to pay in 17 million dollars in taxes no you did not hear that incorrectly he decided not to pay that amount and so he went to jail eventually he did get out of jail and he went back into acting but his first series back despite all the hype was a major bust and he hasn't been in anything significant since then despite the rumors saying he'll be back to jump into a superhero niche eventually there are rumors that he could get back into the blade role with Marvel but that's just a rumor and it's fair to say that his star will never be as bright as it was before that time when he didn't pay his taxes so let that be a lesson for you all hey your damn taxes number 2 Justin Bieber okay here's another one where you can't technically be surprised if they're on the list because there's that annoying and they obviously would have done something to get themselves in jail Justin Bieber's either the greatest singer in the world or the most annoying person in the world depending on who you talk to Bieber fever was a phenomenon of sorts and what had happened in the new millennium girls across the world flocked to stores to get his music and merchandise and such all that fame went to his head in a big way and not the least of which was that he took his fame and became a bit of a jerk including driving around at night when people were trying to sleep in just racing around and blasting music during one particular excursion it was arrested by police for a DUI and was sentenced for a day in jail for his crimes while he hasn't gone to jail since then there are many who hope that he does because to them he's just that annoying number 1 Paul McCartney when it comes to the world of music no group has made a bigger impact in the world than the Beatles these four boys from Liverpool made rock and roll something that was global and to this day their songs are played with all sorts of joy and reverence they are timeless and their story is one that will live on forever even though two of the members are now gone one of the remaining members is Paul McCartney who was the lead singer for the group and one of the main songwriters he was also one who got the biggest solo career after the much publicized breakup for the groom that solo career took him far but in 1980 it would have been too far and what he felt he could do he went to jail for 10 days for possession of an illegal substance yeah for real it's weird to think about that today given all the states in the United States and certain countries that actually allow this for certain purposes but in 1980 it was a big crime even for a star like McCartney still 10 days is something that most people can survive and McCartney did just that he got out of jail continued this career and hasn't looked back and to be honest I think he actually would have been very entertaining in prison giving his voice in reputation for having fun and she thinks gotten a little bit out of hand he could have just told the other inmates to let it be let it be and so there you have it a bunch of celebrities who put their necks out too far and got caught up so which of these celebrities were you the most surprised

10 STRONGEST Men In The World

strength is a quality sought after by people irrespective of their race nationality or geographical locations throughout the world at different times we have had different people who weathered the storm and displayed such magnitudes of strength that they could have easily been referred to as super people after the fictional hero Superman but are they really superhuman or have they only worked harder to be able to achieve the impossible these 10 strongest people have trained hard and defied the odds to carry out impossible feats and come out tagged as strongest number 10 JUCO Aloha two-time world Strongest Man three-time ifs a champion two-time Europe's strongest man these are just some of the records held by the finished strong man born on the 1st of December 1970 JUCO showed early interest in the realm of individual sports like karate and eventually powerlifting although giucose powerlifting career was sure it was fruitful getting him a silver medal at the IPF Junior World Championships in 1995 he won the first of two consecutive European Hercules competitions in his very first appearance in world Strongest Man Duke of Aloha went on to defeat his opponents in a very fierce competition his unassuming stature made him much of an underdog as at 6:1 JUCO Aloha was nearly half a foot shorter than the men he competed with and at 275 pounds he was the lightest champion ever number nine said RunAs Savickas six-time arnold strongest man winner three-time world's strongman champion four times World Team Championship winner the Jonas Savickas is a human metal box as he amassed all these and more in his time as a weightlifter one of the strongest men's of all time Sedonas Savickas popularly known as Big Z has crushed over 20 World Records all through his career from the time when he partook in his first strength competition at the age of 16 not many people have gotten the opportunity to triumph against him said RunAs has won over 13 World Championships and eight Arnold strongman classic tournaments this man has sure gotten a lot of wins as a very strong man number 8 Coulomb buyer by yamba Jeff Pullum buyer by Amba Jeff known professionally as by Amba is a sumo wrestler from Olin Betar Mongolia in 2006 and 2007 he emerged as a winner at the sumo World Championships he is about 6 foot 1 and weighs 350 pounds interestingly he has also participated in over 100 matches winning all gold medals in different locations like Japan Mongolia Thailand the u.s. Italy Germany and more he won in the 115 kilogram plus an overall category at the US Open Championship held in California in September 2009 although he has retired from Japanese professional sumo byamba still contends in global tournaments as a non-professional he has triumphed in about 4 World Championships and has taken over the US sumo open amassing a combined 104 and 5 record in 11 years with 10 men's heavyweight gold medals there is a common misconception that some people have about sumo wrestling and that is the fact that some believe it is just about the size of the wrestler strength is one of the major requirements that will earn you the title of strongest man number 7 Robert Oberst Robert Oberst and his signature beard ventured into a lot of things including a short-lived involvement with the NFL and working as a bouncer for a night club before he started his strongman career it is rumoured that Robert has the strongest shoulders in the world he is also the holder of the American record in the log lift at 6 foot 8 and 375 pounds Robert Oberst is a professional strongman known for his extraordinary appetite Robert tried out the amateur fun log contest on the advice of a friend and ended up breaking the amateur log press record on his first trial he went on to become a five-time World's Strongest Man competitor and 2-time World's Strongest Man finalist in 2013 he went unbeaten as the national champion in mas wrestling Robert Oberst has the impeccable mix of size muscle temperament and overall nature number 6 Magnus ver Magnusson the most outstanding characteristic of this strongman was his unexceptional built at 6-3 although he wasn't predominantly shredded muscular and he didn't have the demeanor of the regular strongman his first appearance at a heavyweight competition earned him the title of Iceland's Strongest Man even with this small frame Magnus was very proficient in terms of static strength and his outstanding speed he also had the ability to perfectly execute throughout his career he also won a huge number of titles as well over multiple times he was crowned Iceland's Strongest Man and Iceland's strongest Viking he also earned the european powerlifting championships and held several powerlifting records as a junior from pure power events such as the squat or deadlift two more patients based events Magnus had the capacity to win any kind of event he had the uncanny ability to access an event and come up with the easiest way to perform it although Magnus is presently in partial retirement he acts as a referee at major contests around the world in number 5 Leonid Turin anko Leonid Turin anko was leading in the heavyweight group early in his career he also has world European and Olympic titles under his belt he broke a world record in 1984 when he lifted 440 2.2 kilogram weights a feat that went unbeaten for a long time Terron anko moved on to win the super heavyweight world championship and was a european champion in 1991 and 1996 he also won the olympic super heavyweight silver with the world championships heavyweight bronze super heavyweight silver european championship super heavyweight and bronze locally turin Anka won the Soviet heavyweight titles the super heavyweight title while taking heavyweight bronze and super heavyweight bronze number for HUF Thor Julius bjornsen HOF Thor Julius born son is a professional strongman and actor he is popularly known as store which is the short version of his name an impressive feat at 30 years old Thor's the defending champion of the 2018 Tachi Palace world Strongest Man his six foot nine height and weight of 440 pounds makes him the tallest and heaviest of all the competitors for the world's strongest men he has under his belt the title of world's ultimate Strongest Man after he won a competition which took place in Dubai interestingly in April 2000 nineteen he became the fifth Europe Strongest Man and thus he has his nickname edged in history as one of the strongest men number three John Paul signor Sir John Paul begged the title of World's Strongest Man a whopping four times came second place on two occasions and placed third once the bodybuilder also won the title of world muscle-power champion five times in his formative years he toyed with gleamer a traditional Icelandic wrestling and moved on to play soccer swimming handball and middle-distance running early in his heavy lifting career he won the Scandinavian title in the world championship John Paul also won mister Iceland physique competitions it is widely rumored that his record of wins in global strongman competitions over a 10-year period since he begged the inter Scandinavian Viking strongman title may never be exceeded sadly he died tragically while doing heavy deadlifts in his gym in Iceland he was said to have died of an enormous heart attack number two Constantin John a Shia this 28 year old stands tall at six foot five and weighs 375 pounds John Ashiya holds the record as the first georgian athlete to ever reach the world Strongest Man final he got his nickname Georgian bull when he trained at Henry Skybus gym in 2015 and 2016 something very notable about this strong man is his notable inking on his chest he has a tattoo that reads Georgian bull and on his shoulder he has a tattoo that reads world's strongest men and those are two titles that you do not want to contest with him directly the georgian bull is a striking character and is known for his huge traps in 2013 he won the european arnold classic and he has been moving miles forward since then he is a familiar face at ultimate strongman events and he has taken part in the World Championships in Newcastle and the Viking apocalypse in Denmark formerly a rugby player Constantin developed a form of mobility from the sport evident in his way lifting performances his all-around demeanor and his charisma make him a joy to watch number one Devin Lara after polishing his six foot five inch physique through exhausting farm labor Lara did a bit of work in Ontario's oil fields where he learned the sufficient points of the sport and where he came to the knowledge that size and strength do not assure a win at the arm wrestling table he continued to contend improve his techniques and measure up the winds after we joined the Canadian military the world armwrestling champion an ex-special forces on a quest to catch some monster Goliath groupers using stand-up tackle the monster Goliath groupers can attain tremendously large sizes growing two lengths up to 2.5 meters or 8.2 feet and can weigh as much as 360 kilograms Devin Loran wrestled with the giant fish presumably one of the strongest fishes in the world after luring it with a bait the monster Goliath Grouper struggled for minutes after pulling the world arm wrestling champion overboard however Laurette showed who was the boss by successfully pulling it out


 let's begin number 20 an MMA fighter getting beat up by his opponent was thrown into even more humiliation when his concerned mother climbed into the Octagon ring the outraged mother who couldn't keep it together after her son was almost choked by his opponent climbed up a chain-link fence while screaming at the officials to help her son ultimately the mom did not get a chance to pacify her baby before she was ultimately ushered out of the ring by police number 19 this video shows Neymar falling and rolling during brazil's win against serbia the role comes late during the first half when a defender tackles him with a sliding tackle Neymar keeps on rolling although the tackle is not that aggressive [Music] number 18 Brazilian and AC Milan goalie DITA looks every inch of a strong man standing about 200 centimeters tall fans are sure that the goalie is more than capable of Manning the goal area during a match between AC Milan and Celtic a crazed fan ran into the pitch to celebrate his team's win when he grazed the goaltender shoulder not only did die to fall over he went down so hard that he had to be carried off the pitch on a stretcher [Music] number 17 in an embarrassing moment that does not necessarily involve athletes a rockets fan made plans to have his girlfriend called out during the halftime break of an NBA game to get a lottery prize however while the surprised and smiling girlfriend stepped forward to claim her prize her boyfriend showed up with a public address system and in the presence of over 10,000 on lookers proposed to her in what should have been a heartwarming moment the girlfriend awkwardly and nervously whispered into the ears of the kneeling man before running from the court in tears leaving her boyfriend stupefied number 16 Tyson Fury certainly has a furious side but this time he pulled off a really hilarious performance during his fight against Li swabby number 15 MMA is known for being brutal and bloody also sometimes a fight can get dirty the fight below between Travis the brown bomber Wolford and Daniel Cooper got dirty for all the wrong reasons after Daniel used the choke technique his opponent got a little messy [Music] number fourteen Grimsley Crawford had an impressive list of first-round knockouts under his belt however his clean sheet was soiled when he met his match in Jimmy Thunder during this match he was knocked out almost immediately after the start whistle was blown number thirteen while celebrating their victory the guy carrying their trophy managed to split it in half number 12 Jerry Hackney did not have much going on for him in his boxing profession during a match with renowned boxer George - butchered Klein Smith he seemed to further destroy his already tainted image in a hilarious way in the fourth round Hackney had gotten beaten up so much that he actually ran for his dear life unfortunately for him in the process of jumping on the ropes he got stuck and suffered even more blows from George to butcher Klein Smith who punched him into the crowd even more hilarious is the fact that Hackney claimed he was jogging around the ring number 11 Australian light heavyweight boxer Paul Briggs had a comeback fight against Danny Green which lasted less than 60 seconds barely seconds after hitting the ring his back was already on the ground what made this all the more hilarious is the fact that the punch from his opponent didn't even touch him the funny moment became embarrassing when Briggs was booed out of the stadium with his opponent describing him as less than k9 Briggs was later fined and had his license revoked because it was discovered that he had been paid to lose the match however this does not take away from the fact that his loss was absolutely hilarious number 10 during the finals of the North American boxing championship Pedro Cardenas a Cuban boxer was in a tough spot that created funny moments in the match on the first occasion when he was caught against the ropes by Willy DeWitt the Cuban began swinging roughly with the intention of catching his opponent but his fists found the referee Bert Lowe's instead immediately knocking him out while the Pumped spectators were still getting over the streams of laughter that resulted from the referee being knocked out a new referee was appointed in the match continued however Cardenas was soon in the same position and he hit the second referee knocking him out to number nine here we see a football player getting carried off in a stretcher number eight in what could be tagged is both funny and embarrassing for swimmer's who actually got to the finish line early enough in the 4x200 meter relay of the 2011 World Championships in Japan got so happy that they got themselves disqualified in their celebration process patria Thomas Alka gram GN Rooney and Linda Mackenzie were so excited about their win that they jumped into the pool while the other swimmers were there number seven in what might be described as sheer excitement to be on the pitch or just plain stupidity Kent State's Andre Parker returned to kick the wrong way much to the surprise of both the spectators and his teammates however in what would make an already embarrassing situation become hilarious Townsend players actually pursued and tackled him although he was well on his way to score an own goal number six Graham Pole got the opportunity to officiate at the World Cup in Germany and he went there with high hopes of officiating the final match however during the group match between Australia and Croatia he must have had his head in the cloud as he showed josa Munich the yellow card three times thus ruining his chances of making it to the final match number five this guy kicked the ball the wrong way and managed to trip over number four Tony Wilson had help from his mommy in the hird round of his fight with Steve McCarthy while Wilson was getting beat up by Steve McCarthy his mother couldn't bear to witness her son being further humiliated so she climbed into the ring and began beating McCarthy around the head with her shoe number three this pitcher managed to trip over when trying to get a home run [Music] number two Stacy Thompson was interviewing Flex Lewis but things got the better of her as she can't seem to take her eyes off of him his female Hong Lord ups and downs and a lot of blood sweat and tears I mean me my life of been a rock you know through the number-one Denver Nuggets Jevon Magee was trying to get the rebound when he accidentally stumbles and ended up kissing grandma who's watching


Sports is where most of the records are set as often as they are broken we come to know those records set as some impossible feat as ironic as they may sound however there are a lot of incidents throughout the world of sports that go undocumented which are actually better than the records that currently hold here we look at some impossible feats carried out in sports some are records some are documented while others have gone on noticed number 15 a tricky shot here we see a Chinese female pole player who has left the opponent no chance at winning or no chance at even taking a shot in that case the video is believed to have been filmed in Shenzhen city in southern China's Guangdong province on April 8th the video shows the female player known only as he be doing a break shot and apparently sending every ball into the pockets in one go while leaving the onlookers gasping for air her friends were perplexed by the trick shot carried out by her and most likely will never forget the moment number fourteen a perfect curve ping-pong is an indoor sport liked by many we all know the basic rules of table tennis even if we've never played the sport it is a sport in which two or four players hit a lightweight ball back and forth across a table using small racquets there is a small net on the table and the ball must cross to the other side over the net that's the basic rule but how about hitting the ball around the net it is not illegal to hit the ball around the net but many are also not able to complete this feat it will require a lot of swerve as well as the perfect position to apply that shot in this video the guys carry out this move as if like they do it every other day and matches they play there a finished content creator team that specializes in table tennis who try to carry out impossible ping-pong shots and challenges that some would dare say impossible before watching them do it [Applause] thirteen litang if you're a football fan then you would have definitely heard about this event before as well the famous bicycle kick buys Litani Brahma vich against England in a friendly match it was not just some bicycle kick but it was from 50 yards from the goalpost and many fans believed that this is the best goal they will ever see on a football pitch to top it off in there 42 victory against England he managed to grab all four goals as well it was the dying minutes of the match and Sweden was 3:2 up when the Swedish defender knocks the ball of the field the England goalkeeper comes out to clear the ball but not far enough as Lata latches on to it and hits a sweet bicycle kick which ends up in the net the rest is history number 12 a 900 master Tony Hawk is an American professional skateboarder actor and owner of the skateboard company birdhouse however if you were to talk about his achievements then we would all recall him as the first person to ever complete a document in 900 the 900 is a two and a half revolution aerial spin it's considered one of skateboarding's most technically demanding tricks before him everyone thought that landing a 900 was a tremendously difficult task and nearly impossible however after much practice and devotion Tony Hawk nails the first ever 900 in a competition in vert best-trick at X Games 5 in San Francisco number 11 look out for those threes stephen steph curry is an american professional basketball player who is currently playing for the Golden State Warriors he is a six-time NBA all-star as of today and it's won many prestigious honors from the world of basketball here in this video we see him setting a world record for the most three-pointers scored in a single match the previous record was 12 and he broke that by scoring 13 three-pointers in a single match this had never been done before and is clearly an impossible feat for any normal players to outperform number 10 a spinning shot it was the second round of the 2019 World Golf Championships Mexico championship where this shot was taken Tiger Woods was going for his 132 yard bunker shot where he even managed to add spin to the ball once the ball lands it's as if like the hole was attracting it the ball manages to ricocheted towards the hole due to the spin making the shot seemingly impossible to carry out number nine the impossible move Macy is considered as the best player in football right now many records are set by him which many people believe will not be broken so easily we got to witness one of those moments in the Spanish Cup final of 2015 against Bilbao he managed to score a solo goal which has been deemed scientifically impossible if he had been off by even a millimeter or even the tiniest degree in his touches he would have eventually missed the goal or have his shot saved and someone once said you cannot explain magic with math number eight the fastest man he could get a speed ticket for just running yes he is the fastest man alive who managed to set a world record for his speed not only once but twice the current men's world record is nine point five eight seconds set by jamaica's Usain Bolt in 2009 the race kicks off and right from the start we could say that bolts was the clear winner however we do have to feel a little pity for the second place Tyson Gay as he managed to beat his nation's record but still managed to cross the finish line behind bolt they say lightning doesn't strike twice but it did this time number seven a backflip you may have seen some spectacular dunks and basketball in your life but you may not have come across something as amazing as this one here the guy does a backflip off the frame of the basketball and then still managed to the landed dunk you won't get to see these kind of tricks and official matches but they're sure to leave a kind of impression that says it's nearly impossible to do it without hard work and dedication six tweener this shot is apparently called the tweener and when it successfully pulled off by Roger Federer it is one of the most impossible and spectacular shots to watch and to manage to pull it off and the grandest stage with all eyes fixed on you it takes a lot of confidence in your skill however lack of confidence is not something for this guy number 5 Elisha Newman here's Elisha Newman who really showed us what it takes to do the possible in 2017 she set a personal record of 4 meters and 71 centimeters in pole vaulting [Music] [Applause] before a chewing-gum the German international football team superstar Mesut özil was part of the German team that won the World Cup back in 2014 in this video we see him juggling a chewing gum at his feet as if they were just like footballs to him we have trouble juggling big footballs and here he is juggling chewing gum as if it were normal for him he does this not only for one video but has also seen doing it often in training and also while taking some leisure time on the pitch after a hard day at practice number three the bottle flip we know the infamous bottle flip challenge that once took the internet by storm many people got on this challenge including famous celebrities and influencers showing off their flipping skills Macey also got it on this challenge however it was for an ad campaign and the way he pulled it off was very different from the rest of the people he places the bottle on top of the football and he shoots the ball towards a small hoop at the other end the ball as expected enters the hoop without any flaw and the bottle manages to do a flip and land on the floor two and one number two a new special move this shot managed to take everyone by surprise the Spiker had two blockers on him and players would usually go for power in this kind of situation and strike the ball as hard as they can into any opening they see however this guy does a spin in midair and then only hits the ball confusing the defense and earning him a point number one unnhhh uhhh tagged Maci manages to nutmeg a reporter from 50 meters out on the field the reporter was just minding his own business when Maci decides to nutmeg him from 50 meters even professional footballers have difficulty not making an opponent from a few meters out and he manages to do it to someone who is almost 50 meters


body builders always look like a million bucks and trained super hard day and night to get their dream body but some become so addicted to winning and looking their best that they're willing to pay any price for it here are 10 such people who took bodybuilding  number 10 dean warm be a very famous british bodybuilder dean warm be was headstrong about turning his body into an absolute masterpiece he definitely treated each muscle like a holy scripture that had to be studied thoroughly but his pursuit to the perfect body had a very tragic end at the peak of his career dean warm be looked super fit and the best that any bodybuilder could look but it all came at a heavy price Warby was consuming 10,000 calories a day to bulk up and was having approximately eight cans of energy drinks daily he was practically living on pizzas burgers and sandwiches unfortunately his glory days couldn't last long as warm be developed various tumors in his liver which were later discovered to be malignant he developed liver cancer at a very young age due to heavy anabolic steroid usage and an unsupervised diet intake all this diet and steroid abuse dragged warm B to his deathbed and he passed away at a young age of 39 in 2015 he looked extremely frail and weak before passing away and one could never imagine him as the big buff bodybuilder he once used to be number nine on draya's moons ur andreas moon sir was a very well-known professional bodybuilder who hailed from austria being an avid admirer of his very famous fellow countryman Arnold Schwarzenegger moon sir came into bodybuilding at a very young age and at that young age he was ready to do whatever it took to be the best even if it meant abusing performance improving drugs Andre moon sir was known to use an immense range of drugs which included insulin potassium sparing drugs exogenous testosterone and growth hormones along with other diuretics to get him in shape for the competitions successfully achieved brilliant feats of leanness and muscle definition but it all came at a very heavy price to get the perfectly lean body this Austrian professional bodybuilder sacrificed a lot and was famously known for having 0% body fat after its last bodybuilding competition andreas complained of a severe stomach pain and was quickly rushed to a hospital the doctors there tried their very best to operate on him to stop a persisting stomach bleeding but it was too late as both his liver and kidneys had failed by that time a later autopsy revealed that there were tumors the size of ping-pong balls in his liver and his heart had enlarged to twice its size since it was too late for anything to be done andreas wounds are died at the young age of 31 in 1996 number 8 Dave Palumbo originally a long-distance runner Dave Palumbo began to lift weights at the age of 22 in the next few years Palumbo quickly rose to fame as one of the most buff and successful bodybuilders winning numerous competitions his weight normally ranged between 200 and 280 pounds in all of these competitions but fame does not come easy as this American bodybuilder was found guilty of abusing the human growth hormone or HGH and was sentenced to a few months in prison because of it too but that wasn't the only harmful outcome of drug abuse apparently Palumbo developed a highly enlarged stomach from constant misuse of HGH and insulin his condition was so severe that a new term called Palumbo ism was coined to refer to people with flattened arms and a swollen midsection Dave Palumbo fortunately came to terms with his problematic condition and reformed his life by quitting drug abuse and adopting a healthy lifestyle he is now a very successful owner of a supplement company called species nutrition number 7 mike Matarazzo michael richard Matarazzo also famously known as big guns was an american IFBB professional bodybuilder he had an intense passion for bodybuilding and like the name big guns suggests he had 21 inch arms and 20-inch calves but these big guns did not come cheap in order to get bigger by the day Mike Matarazzo followed a ridiculous diet which included consuming fire to seven pounds of red meat every day and no vegetables at all he didn't consume any fruits either as he was afraid of their sugar content and to add more fuel to the fire he was also on steroids growth hormones and diuretics due to his constant drug abuse and insane dietary patterns he suffered from various heart problems and had an open heart surgery to fix terribly clogged arteries once retired Mike Matarazzo spoke openly about the dangers of abusing steroids and other hormonal drugs saying he wished he'd gone easy on them and it all proved to be very true when he died from a heart attack at the age of 48 number six Greg Kovacs it's not every day that you come across a bodybuilder who weighs around 400 pounds even during offseason standing at 6 feet 4 inches Greg Kovacs was a humungous bodybuilder from Canada who weighed as much as 420 pounds during the offseason his chest measured at 70 inches and arms were 25 inches while his quad measurement was a whopping 35 inches he was also known to be able to bench 700 pounds for two reps and could do a leg press of over 2,000 pounds such unbelievable muscle definition and amount of muscle mass is not something that could be pulled off by everyone it's past the limits of an average person and achieving this shape definitely takes its toll on the human body Kovacs was found guilty of abusing anabolic steroids and growth hormones he was also thought to have been blackmailing the owner of a nutritional supplement store Greg Kovacs however met his untimely demise in 2013 due to heart failure number 5 Mustafa Ismail Mustafa Ismail is a world-famous bodybuilder from Egypt who initially started off as a traditional bodybuilder as he worked hard on his entire physique but slowly he started to give all his time and devotion to his arms his hard work paid off and he made his way to the Guinness Book of World Records for having the biggest arms his arms are 31 inches in circumference his male primarily accredits his world-record forming arms too good genetics but it comes as no surprise to us that it's not just due to what his mom and dad and an intense workout routine gave him Mustafa Ismail has been known to inject synthol which gave his suit buf pop i like arms he was also consuming seven pounds of protein daily his mail has been lucky to have only suffered from a bizarre deformity and not some permanent or serious injury due to his synthol abuse but if not careful he could meet the same fate as his fellow bodybuilders number four Romario dos Santos office just like Mustafa Ismail romário dos Santos Alves was also a huge fan of synthol he started out as a normal bodybuilder but soon let his obsession with his favorite cartoon superhero The Incredible Hulk take over when he wasn't satisfied with just lifting weight he soon turned to a mix of alcohol oil and painkillers to enlarge his biceps he has also been called the synthol man for his excessive use of the drug he soon became an addict and his addiction nearly cost him his life and both arms his arms became rock solid due to regularly injecting synthol and he had to get veterinary syringes as the regular ones wouldn't fill in his arm his arms then blew up to outrageous proportions and it was said by doctors that all the muscle in his arm was nothing but rocks of synthol talked about being literally built like a rock fortunately the synthol rocks were removed on time and his arms were saved from being amputated number 3 Danyelle Sakura Chi daniele Sakura she was an Italian bodybuilder who weighed approximately 300 pounds during the in season with this way he had the privilege of holding the Guinness Book of World Records for the heaviest competitive bodybuilder for the year 2010 his biceps were also measured at 55 centimeters across but similar to the experience of his fellow bodybuilders this physique came at a price Danyelle Sakura she is said to have had a super tough exercise routine accompanied by six to seven separate meals a day this could not have been possible without a cocktail of dietary supplements aka steroids and drugs he also served some time in prison after being accused of illegal steroid marketing but as his body had already started acting up due to all the drug abuse with effects such as severe water retention he was allowed to serve the rest of his time at home there he died at the age of 33 due to a heart attack number two Anthony D IRISA this award-winning American bodybuilder looked like a million bucks just before his untimely death but at what cost despite having a bachelor's degree in health sciences Anthony D arezzo was willing to do whatever it took to get the best most buff body out there which is why he overdosed on steroids and drugs he was warned by his doctors to limit his steroid usage but when you're at the top of your game and you have cash rolling in from all places everything seems harmless he died in a hotel room a night before a competition and his autopsy revealed that he had a heart three times the size of a normal heart as he was suffering from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy number one Gregg Valentino Gregg Valentino is an American bodybuilder who got his fame from the documentary the man whose arms exploded he was also known to be a freak due to his insane body proportions he had a height of five five and a waist of 27 inches but his biceps were also measured to be around 27 inches this body was a result of numerous years of synthol abuse his arms had swollen up due to all the synthol injected in them and unlike a few other body builders on sento Greg wasn't lucky enough as his arms eventually burst open luckily he survived and is still alive today


who doesn't dream of being rich and famous but having the world that your feet at a very young age can be a bit overwhelming as the pressure of stardom has often led child celebs to ruin their own careers number 10 Lindsay Lowen Lindsay Lohan was someone who had it all she was one of the most loved and well recognized child stars of her time from her first big break in the Parent Trap all the way to Mean Girls lilo was able to earn in millions thanks to several good movie role choices however things started going downhill when she was arrested numerous times for being involved in road accidents under the influence of drugs for which she also had to serve some time in jail in 2007 she was found guilty of possessing cocaine and was sentenced to check into rehab after serving her sentence she tried her best to stay undercover and out of the media spotlight but that only lasted for a couple of years she again made headlines for being sentenced to 90 days in jail after missing an important hearing if things couldn't get any worse Lindsay was also charged with jewelry theft in 2011 this series of fines and counseling attempts not only drained much of her fortune and tarnished her public image but also at a terrible effect on her career as she couldn't focus on acting anymore number 9 Julianna rosemary Ella anyone who's been a fan of lazytown as a kid would definitely remember this pink haired bubbly girl who played the main lead Stephanie in the series her brilliant performance in lazytown proved she was undeniably talented as she earned a Daytime Emmy Award nomination and an academy and film Award nomination as well but being a child celeb is no easy task as Julianna was involved in some serious controversies from being arrested for prostitution to committing suicide through drug overdose Giuliana's life has been a bit of a roller coaster ride she was once dressed in a boob tube for the show and that was enough to turn her into a sex symbol she was later asked by an undercover officer if she would spend a night with him for $900 and she agreed upon which she was charged for prostitution she was also arrested for trespassing with criminal intent in the state of Virginia Juliana's wild adventurers eventually led her to take a break from her acting career and she went on to complete her education number eight amanda Bynes much like Lindsay Lohan Amanda Bynes also became America's Sweetheart at a very young age starred in her commercial at the age of seven and moved on to stage productions she later landed a big role in a Nickelodeon TV series and simultaneously hosted her own program as well Amanda also appeared in a WB sitcom followed by a list of successful rom-coms that proves she really was the man but unfortunately she couldn't handle the fame very well as she was soon making headlines for all the wrong reasons Bynes was involved in a car accident in 2012 with the police vehicle and was arrested to be driving under the influence of drugs she was later involved in more hit-and-run accidents and had her license suspended in 2013 she was arrested on the grounds of drug abuse in her apartment it's also reported that she was responsible for the starting of a fire in a residential area later that year and went into psychiatric rehab she literally let the fame get to her head in 2014 Amanda got her driving license back and just when things seemed to be getting better she was again charged with driving under the influence and was sent back to rehab well her career as an actor came to an end fortunately Bynes was able to get her life back on track and went into fashion designing it was last reported in 2018 that she was then a happy and healthy place in her life and we hope it stays that way in number 7 Aaron Carter Aaron Carter was the brother of Backstreet Boys as Nick Carter and he followed his brother's footsteps into the music industry he was the lead singer of a band at the age of 7 and soon started off his solo career and released his first single crush on you he released his first album in 1997 which proved to be a massive hit all over America and Europe his next album was released in 2000 and went on to reach triple platinum certification his music career also got him a chance to act in shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Lizzie McGuire all this success didn't settle too well with Aaron as he was arrested for speeding in 2008 and was charged for being in possession of marijuana the very next year he became addicted to xanax as it helped him take care of his anxiety he couldn't get rid of the addiction for three years and finally got sober in 2012 but he was in heaps of debt due to his excessive spending and long-term investment in luxury items he filed for bankruptcy in 2013 to clear his massive debt of 3.5 million dollars the good news is that he is now clean and financially stable in number six Demi Lovato Demi Lovato started acting young and first came on TV as a child star in Barney and Friends she later moved on to star in the famous Disney movie Camp Rock along with the Jonas Brothers and that's when she found her passion for singing as well she went on to appear in different Disney movies and shows and was soon a successful singer and actor but stardom takes its toll on everyone as in 2008 this bright-eyed girl next door started using cocaine on tours and couldn't go without it for more than an hour her addiction got so bad that she even smuggled it on planes Demi finally accepted that she needed help in 2011 and went into rehab for multiple issues including bulimia drug abuse and alcohol she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder during rehab she sobered up in 2013 but has relapsed again in mid 2018 when she was rushed to Cedars Medical Center in Los Angeles for opioid overdose number five Russell Hornung aka the backpack kid is credited for popularizing the flaws he became famous when he did it in Saturday Night Live and starring in Katy Perry's music video in 2016 however in 2018 a lawsuit has been filed on behalf of Russell against Fortnight creators alleging they breached his copyright for including his signature dance move flossing fan reactions were not okay with that and some were even mocking him saying they'll sue Epic Games for using pinatas in the name of all Mexican people and maybe Teletubbies will sue next ouch and number four Britney Spears this pop star has been famous for having her face plastered in front of tabloids for numerous wrong reasons Britney started off from Disney's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse but her real fame came in 1995 when she started her music career she was later in the spotlight for shedding her innocent image with skimpy clothes and mature song themes which can be seen in her transition from baby one more time to I'm a slave for you in 2006 she was caught driving with her son on her lap and this led to serious concerns of her being a responsible parent she was also accused of sending harsh messages to her fans after her second divorce she began clubbing a lot and checked in and out of rehabilitation centers like hotels in 2007 Spears broke the Internet by famously shaving her head before checking into a treatment center oops she did it again she was later charged with a hit and run parking lot incident and spent some time in the hospital for psychiatric evaluation before making her successful return in 2008 she released her chart-topping album circus and began her comeback in number three Miley Cyrus we would call Miley Cyrus extremely lucky for still being in the industry after trying to wreck her career with more than one wrecking ball Miley Cyrus shot to fame that had been unheard of with her debut as Hannah Montana on Disney Channel she became an overnight sensation with fans all over the world Miley climbed a ladder to success in both her singing and acting career with numerous chart-topping triple platinum albums she had sold-out concerts and rose to fame like no other Disney star before her but due to the pressure of maintaining the squeaky-clean image that Disney required Miley lost all control she rose quite a few eyebrows with their explicit performance at the 2013 VMAs as she showed a side that no one could have ever dreamed of and things just kept getting worse Miley was found guilty of drug abuse as well and had a troubled relationship with her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth she later married him only to get divorced and number two Justin Bieber Justin Bieber was the very first YouTube sensation who shot to fame as soon everyone had the Bieber fever Bieber was the youngest child celeb to be selling out big arenas and became one of the biggest singing sensations in the world at just the age of 13 but he soon let the fame get to his head and he was charged for rash driving spitting on his neighbor and threatening him urinating in public and talking trash about former presidents he was arrested driving under the influence and drag racing in 2014 and was found to be in debt for millions due to his extravagant spending there was a time when this beloved celebrity became hated worldwide but Bieber fought back and made a comeback with some amazing hits and proved that he's here to stay number one Macaulay Culkin who does not know Macaulay Culkin this Home Alone star had been in the showbiz since the age of four but his big break in this Christmas movie gave him a success like none other before him home alone became one of the highest-grossing films of that time and resulted in a sequel with him and made him the highest earning child celeb of his time but after his big hit he wasn't being offered the same roles and in 2004 korkin was arrested for possession of marijuana and was harshly dealt with by the press kokin later resorted to performing with a Velvet Underground parody band called Pizza Underground

Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.

Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. Unless you want average, in America married two point four kids with one and a half dogs But I can guarantee you you will never achieve anything greater than your highest aspiration. If you want a million you'll make a million not a $1.5 million. If you want $10 million, a $100 million and you'll never exceed that. If you change a billion lives, that's the formula to become a billionaire and change the world. Time costs lives. Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. You want to know why you're all f***** up? Just look at the bums you hang around with. I do what you don't want to do that you know that you've got to do to be where you want to be. Ted Turner just gave his 75th anniversary party on CNN a few months ago and he has, he makes a couple of comments and he says number one, and I'm not suggesting this for everybody, it's how I lived though. The first 10 years of my starting CNN, I slept on my couch, I didn't have an apartment. Bill Gates slept in the office, Steve Jobs slept in the office and I can go down a whole list. Now these are super successful mega-wealthy guys. I slept in my office, not everybody is willing to make that sacrifice. But it's not the only thing but even if you don't want to sleep in your office, if you want to send your kids to a better school, if you want to be able to take care of your mother when she gets dementia, if you want to... this all takes money. When I... my children aren't getting any of my money when I die. Not not one centavo, not one penny. And... Two of my kids are cool with it, one of them is not so cool with it. I'm not going to you know, I think Andrew Carnegie by the way, Andrew Carnegie arguably the richest most successful entrepreneur of all time. He said, the best thing that you can have for a child is him to be born into poverty. And I agree. Lack of self-esteem, lack of self-worth. Now they think they have self-worth, they think because they made a few bucks but in actuality, and when they measure it against the other 8, 10, 12 people sitting around the table they realize or they start the question "Hell, maybe I was just lucky." Now all of us, when you're only a one-trick guy or gal think, "Was I lucky?" Now I've done it so many times, I know I wasn't lucky I might have been lucky the first time but I haven't been lucky the 15, 20, 40, 50, - I know that. - Okay But maybe I was lucky the first time. My life changed when I went, I was a pretty much... a haphazard kid got in a lot of trouble, got arrested 4 or 5 times, thrown in jail and this was with my dad as a cop. But then I went, I volunteered for the draft in 1966 at the height of the Vietnam War and I went to OCS and that changed my life because it was the really first real high performance thing that I could measure myself against, with other people. Two-thirds of all Fortune 500 CEOs have one thing in common - military background. - Really Two-thirds of those two-thirds have something else Martial Arts. What do you learn in martial arts Brian? Discipline, focus. A lot of people don't believe they deserve to be there I convinced them and we have these drills, why you belong there? A lot of people that come there, you know with money that have made money think they made it by accident. I just had one of my super stars whose made a hundred million bucks tell me in the last week, "You know, I'm not sure I'm going to have another lucky accident." And I said, "You did it." I mean, you know, you tried a lot of things. Thomas Edison, I would, I wouldn't have done it 10,000 times. I would've hired an engineer from MIT to do it. But I mean, I've tried a lot of things nobody's failed at more things than I have and the first 100 million are successes but I could write a book about failures that'd be I mean because I've tried a lot of different things because failure is just testing and one of the reasons I've been so successful in generating this equity and value in my kids -and I call you all kids- is because I convinced them that making a mistake is okay. Your parents probably told you you can be anything you want, but you can't. That's ***. You can't. If it's all juxtaposed So but what you tell them is that you can do anything you want that you have passion for. Because that eliminates most of the crap because most people don't follow their dream, you know, like they say in the sound of music. "You can't have a dream come true unless you have a dream" Now I still dream, I dream in technicolor, I say my affirmations and goals every single night. It's bloody hard to be a high-performance person. Perfection equals paralysis. If you left it to the engineers, no car would ever come off the assembly line. No car would ever come off the assembly line and I've been in business with enough engineers that I can tell attest to that with my hand on my heart. They'd still be... Trying to make it better and the internet business is very much the same. The internet kids want to test and test and test and they will want the landing page to be this Just roll it out, the great thing about the internet is your results are instantaneous. If something that I'm overseeing at a Concorde level 60,000 feet doesn't work in two days forget about it move on. And today I had our meeting now the young kids are, "We ran it three days sir, and we closed it down." And they are thinking I'm going to ask why I said, "No, that's fine next" Because without them making mistakes, and without them being allowed to make the decision they never get any better and 95% of the time I know probably better than they do, We're never going to be able to know everything or have them know everything unless they make some mistakes and get comfortable with making mistakes. What gets measured gets accomplished. Without measurement you're just fooling yourself. Before I had any money I used to go to the Rolls Royce dealers and sit in the cars and smell the leather touch the leather. Okay I went to million dollar houses and my wife and I would walk through the house and they'd say, "When are your parents getting here kids?" "No, we are the buyers." Practice within when you're without. Practice being successful. How many people listening to this today practice being successful today. Through affirmations, through going to the Rolls Royce dealer. Maybe Lamborghini, maybe something else. In my particular case it was Rolls Royce. And within a year of me going to a Rolls Royce dealer, I had a Rolls Okay Within... 19 months of me dreaming and... adding it to my goals a castle on an island, I owned Guthrie castle. - 19 months - Okay Go to stores you can't afford. Go hire lawyers, you can't afford. Lawyers will meet with anybody, accountants will meet with anybody. Go to the big four accountants. With a business idea, the first couple meetings are for free. Jettison, probably a lot of the people you hang around with. If you have poor public speaking skills join Toastmasters. Do these. If you go, if you went to a good school and you're not successful, go to the alumni deals Okay I didn't go to a good school, I'm a perfect living example that a lot of trouble as a kid, working-class background, my parents, went to just a mediocre university that I flunked out of three times before I finally graduated with honors, but... And I had no money to begin with, $820 So it's all possible But I, you know, I devoted myself to feeling successful. I was wearing suits like this, before I could afford them. Most people procrastinate because they're unsure. So just do it. And, but I've never had a problem just doing it because one of the things you learn as a young combat, infantry officer is time cost lives. We over analyze because we're unsure, we're not- over analyze, we don't over analyze because we are not sure. If it will work or not, we're more worried about on the emotional side it embarrassing us.

convertible chrome wheels red guts absolutely beautiful

on the c8 scams I have three Zr ones available this one right here is available now this is a three zr convertible chrome wheels red guts absolutely beautiful car and that two more available the links are in the description below if you'd like to see those you like to buy one reach out to me at chevy do.com hey don't forget if you are here in louisville and come into the Chevy store make sure you ask for me the best way to get ahold of me is through Chevy dude calm you can set an appointment to communicate with me or come in and talk about a car purchase and then also for our other stores as well you see those down there also if you'd like to support the channel get your Chevy dude swag link is in the description below you hey everyone welcome back to the channel I hope you are having a fantastic day I am sending it out here in the Corvette inventory on this extremely mild day of spring here in Louisville Kentucky I'm really excited at last night Chevrolet finally has acknowledged the mid-engine Corvette now this is the first time Chevrolet has acknowledged the mid-engine Corvette and also gave us a revealed date in this video I'm gonna share with you the three scams that Corvette dealers are gonna pull with you on the c8 now I've been selling core ads for a long time as a Corvette owner and as a salesman here at Bachman Chevrolet in Louisville Kentucky I'm proud to say that we do not pull any tricks or any gimmicks or any games it's just straightforward deal so I want to help you Corvette owners make sure you get the right deals as someone who has been selling Corvettes for such a long time back in for when they announced the c6 when it came out in a five there was all sorts of scams on power convertible tops and the Corvette came out of course then 13 when this body style came out people were doing all sorts of goofy things that's not gonna happen on my watch here in 2019 and 2020 on the CA all right number one the most obvious one out there and that would be don't pay over MSRP on your 2020 c8 Corvette now it goes without saying that Corvette dealers think that they have the upper hand when it comes to you wanting something supply-and-demand right well nevertheless if you're going to one of the top Corvette dealers in the country maybe in one of them there is no need for us to sell over MSRP because we sell in volume so when we sell at full MSRP and play no games then you won't have to worry about getting ripped off so don't pay over MSRP and any Corvette dealer if they do say hey listen we're gonna do 5 grand 10 grand off click hang up here's another tip with that the California dealers are some of the worst of this when you buy a car and you're in the California region you're in the west of the Mississippi River what happens is is that car gets put on a rail car and ship that way ok going through Chicago the average train speed freight train speed through Chicago is one mile per hour freight trains can only move in certain times because all the commuter trains there so when you order here from the dealership and it's best to order from me and get it shipped to you you will get your car much faster by coming here and then paint a little bit of extra to go out there so don't pay over MSRP and use the right dealers to make sure that you get your car because the East Coast dealers may be in the Middle West here in Louisville Kentucky it's cheaper to ship out of right here than it is anywhere else in the country let's talk about number two this one dealers will scam you all day long and there's really no way that you can do it so you have to really buy from a Corvette dealer that you can trust so the dealers will over promise on your allocations they'll sit there and be like hey I'll get you a car I'll get you a car oh there's a delay or GM is doing this or they blame somebody else but they never do one thing they don't put the blame on themselves GM allows dealers to earn inventory and the way they earn inventory is by turning inventory it's called turn to earn so when we turn inventory as a corvette dealer we earn future allocations so therefore I set it in number one you want to make sure you buy from a big reputable dealer me being one of those I would say no more than number thirty number forty on the list that I have in the description below because those dealers are all going to have the most allocations and can pretty do much do exactly what I say and guarantee you a car so make sure you buy from a dealer that you can know in your cold heart that they're gonna have an allocation and it goes off of how many Corvettes they have right now in stock you can see there's Corvettes all behind me I have Corvettes up there and a good way to test this out is simply go to their website and see how many Corvettes they have in inventory if they have 30 or 40 Plus even 20 they probably are gonna get the first wave of allocations per CH so don't fall for a small dealer prom